Abigail Hamilton

Abigail Hamilton Pro

London, United Kingdom


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Abigail was great fun to work with. She has a great sense of humour, is very professional and brings an energy every production needs!

Recommended for TV & Reality Jun 8, 2020

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Highly professional, personable and a true pleasure to have on set. Brilliant and experienced at her craft. Ms Hamilton also brought to set her beautiful chihuauaha ‘Lady Midnight’ who was a joy to have on set. Friendly when greeting but incredibly obedient and professional as a working dog when shooting!

Recommended for Acting Jan 18, 2019

Excellent - fit the look, arrived on time, patient during a long shoot day, a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 28, 2017

Punctual and came across well on screen. Very very easy to direct. Clearly experienced

Recommended for Acting Dec 12, 2016

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Working with Abigail was great. Clearly knows what she's doing--a supreme professional. I'd definitely recommend working with her.

Recommended for Acting Aug 17, 2016

I had a pleasure to work with Abigail on one of my photography projects and I just loved her! Absolutely amazing spirit, full of energy and creativity. I do hope to work with her again! Very strongly recommended!

Recommended for Modelling Feb 24, 2016

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Worked with Abigail on a short film back in February. Absolutely superb voice actress! Would love to work with again, brings a great attitude to set, knew all the lines and took direction brilliantly. Fabulous!

Recommended for Acting Dec 29, 2015

Abigail was a real help on our final year University Project. They were prompt with arrival at recording studios. They were professional and easy to work with. They took direction well, and really understood the character they were playing. We would love to work with Abigail in the future, and would recommend them for any other work they may apply for.

Recommended for Acting Nov 2, 2015

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Abigail is a brilliant actress. With her years of experience she is more than easy to work with and able to provide a range of styles and charisma. Highly recommended by all the cast, would love to work with again.

Recommended for Acting Feb 26, 2015

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Abigail fitted her role so well! had the perfect look and voice. She's lovely to talk to, definitely recommend!

Recommended for Acting Oct 19, 2014

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Abigail sounds great for voiceover work and has a great range of different voices, really enjoyable to work with.

Recommended for Acting Jun 10, 2014

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Abigail made producing an exciting experience. She is full of passion, great ideas, and very easy to work with. She worked on our film at the Uni of Sussex and brought our character to life more than we could have imagined. She kept everybody on set laughing during our long day together, and the way she twisted an otherwise perfect Scottish accent as an old psychic fraud was hilarious. I would easily recommend her to anyone.

Recommended for Acting May 3, 2014

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a really lovely lady, and true professional, look forward to working with her again...sally xx

Recommended for Acting Apr 28, 2014

Lovely to work with and a great comedy actress

Recommended for Acting Dec 12, 2013

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Abigail was a wonder to work with. Professional and magical all at the same time with her performance as Granny Beryl. Look forward to working with again, if I'm lucky enough!

Recommended for Acting Nov 4, 2013

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We would highly recommend Abigail, she was a pleasure to work with. She took the role in our short film seriously, gave it a lot of thought and did a great job.

Recommended for Acting Sep 29, 2013

Abigail is raw talent, effortlessly capturing the essence of the character.

Recommended for Acting Jun 6, 2013

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amazing person to work with

Recommended for Acting Apr 16, 2013

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Fantastic to work with. Very friendly and helpful towards the piece. Was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Mar 5, 2013

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Abigail is a lot of fun to work with but takes her roles very seriously with much attention to detail. She is a very hard worker and gives a lot of herself. If you want someone who will go the extra mile then I would highly recommend her. Thank you very much Abigail for such a brilliant performance and I can't wait to see you on the big screen!! Mandy from Mutant Candy Films

Recommended for Acting Sep 26, 2012

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