Andrew Stancik

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South-East Region, Ireland
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Physical Attributes

190 cm / 6ft 3in
97 kg / 213 lbs
White / Caucasian
116 cm / 46 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

No previous acting experience

  • English
  • Czech

  • UK English
  • Russian


Extras experience

No previous extras experience


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

TV & Reality

I was participating on reality TV shows such as Come Dine With Me, Top Star, Shopaholics, Woman's Magazine and My Parents Wll Be Pissed.
Top Star and Woman's Magazine: TV shows about Lifestyle, Fashion ,Celebrities and luxury events. I was co-hosting where I was talking about Fashion trends, Celebrity lifestyle and advising on warderobe and styling according to specific occasions or events.
Shopaholics; I was co-hosting this TV show. Five people competing with each other to find the best outfit with limited amount of money & time.
My Parents Will Be Pissed; TV show focused on moment of surprise when parents find out it is just a prank from kids. I was acting in this TV shows. Mostly as a 'bad guy'

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Fashion Styling ability


I have a total of 8 years work experience as a successful professional Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant and Lifestyle Consultant. London has enhanced my career as I am developing myself as a Image & Lifestyle Consultant.
In my home country, Slovakia, I became known as a Fashion Stylist on TV and in the Media sector. I worked for companies such as OK! Magazine and TV JOJ. Where I was hired as a Fashion Stylist, Editor & Image Consultant and Costume Designer for several TV programs, shows, series and advertising campaignes for J&T Bank. I also participated as a TV host for High fashion Lifestyle, Show business and Luxury events such as Ladies Club, Woman’s Magazine, Top Star and Shopaholics.
My book of Top clients from Slovakia includes TV presenters , Actors, Singers, Writers, Models, Playmates, Business executives and Politicians.
While I am here to please my clients, I am known for speaking my mind and helping them find a style that truly suits them. They are always pleased with my suggestions and the outcome.
Keeping up with trends, styles and even fashion for both women and men are important for a Image & Lifestyle Consultant.
I like to consider myself unique and style savvy, always looking toward the next season and next trend


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

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