We are Hi-Tech Award Finalists!

26 Mar 2015

And the finalists for the Callaghan Innovation Best Technology Solution for the Creative Sector 2015 are...

-Shotover Camera Systems

"This year’s finalists span the full spectrum of the hi-tech sector with a record number of new companies entering for the first time. There has been a huge number of entries across the board and it’s awesome the level of entries in the start-up and young achiever categories has been so high” says Wayne Norrie, Chair of the Hi-Tech Trust.

This year’s strong line-up of international judges includes renowned American business strategist, Gary Hamel; co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak; founder of Massive, Claudia Batten; Director of Engineering for Google in New York, Craig Nevill-Manning; Senior Vice President for Cisco, Howard Charney; Andy Lark; CMO of Xero and Managing Director for IDG Ventures, Pat Kenealy.

The StarNow Team are looking forward to attending the finalist gala on May 15th to see who takes home the title.

Fingers crossed!

The winner of the Acting Immersive 2013 is…

10 Jan 2014

The Acting Immersive competition kicked off in December, offering StarNow members a chance to attend the prestigious Acting Immersive Program put on by Hollywood Immersive.

There were over 5,279 applicants. All the finalists were hand-picked based on their StarNow profiles, and then our incredible panel of judges viewed each finalist’s showreel before picking the best one.

And the winner of Acting Immersive 2013 is… Griffin Avis-Foster!

Griffin will be jetting off to LA to take part in the prestigious Acting Immersive program, where he will get trained by the best coaches, network with key decision makers in the industry, create a showreel, shot and directed in LA, and connect with other talent. He will also study at the famous Beverly Hills Playhouse, with alumni including George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kate Hudson to name a few, and so much more!

Congratulations also to all of our talented finalists, check them out here!

Congratulations to the Sydney Film School Festival Award Winners

20 Dec 2013

Congratulations to all the winners of the Sydney Film School Festival Awards which was held last week. Throughout the three days of the festival, there were over 80 short films presented (dramas and documentaries).

An extra big congrats goes to the winners of the StarNow sponsored Outstanding Performance award, Colin Jones and Mémé Thorne for the film 'Solitude'.

Read the full list of winners

5 Questions with Tatiana Quaresma, Acting Immersive 2013 Winner

16 Dec 2013

It’s been 5 months since Tatiana Quaresma attended the Acting Immersive. Since then Tatiana has acheived representation with a Los Angeles manager and is auditioning for roles regularly whilst taking steps to attain her 0-1 Visa. We caught up with Tatiana to find out what she's learnt about acting and the industry since attending.

StarNow: What experiences/lessons did you take home with you from the Acting Immersive Program?
Tatiana: I count myself lucky to have been with such an amazing group during the immersive. I experienced a great sense of camaraderie by getting to know the stories of other artists who like me needed help with their careers. I learned very quickly that the ultimate responsibility lies with the actor. During my time at the Beverly Hills Playhouse I realised a real actor never stops learning, never stops taking lessons and never stops in their pursuit of artistic success.

StarNow: Have you noticed a difference in the auditions from before you went on the Acting Immersive Program and after you went on the program? Has there been a difference in the quality of the opportunities?
Tatiana: There has been a great difference in the quality of opportunities. Before the immersive it was rare for me to be able to audition for main roles unless the project expected the actor to work for free. I am now thrilled to be auditioning for lead roles in international projects that give a high degree of exposure.

StarNow: What do you think makes a great actor?
Tatiana: I feel a great actor is one who does not allow ego to take the driver’s seat. A great actor is one who endures discomfort to create a beautiful image. I believe a great actor is one who is adored for their raw talent and ability to touch audiences with their performance.

StarNow: What have you learned from directors and senior actors?
Tatiana: I have learned that a character really is an extension of you and it’s ok to experiment and implement ideas. You don’t always have to agree and you don’t need play a character word for word as the script says.

StarNow: What tips do you have for other young actors trying to break into the industry?
Tatiana: I cannot stress it enough "there is no such thing as an overnight success!" You must be realistic and not hold yourself to impossible standards. If you haven’t worked on any acting jobs yet at least begin with regular lessons. Teachers can usually assist if you want to seriously pursue acting. This industry is by far one of the hardest to navigate so you must have thick skin and not be affected by any forms of negativity. Be strong!

Apply now for your chance to be this year's Tatiana

The Sydney Film School Festival and StarNow

5 Dec 2013

The Sydney Film School is one of the top film schools globally and is recognised for its comprehensive hands on training. Many students, on graduating, are employed throughout the world in screen and media industries.

Twice yearly, at the end of each semester, Sydney Film School organises the popular SFS Film Festival to celebrate the completion of the semester’s productions and the graduation of the 1-year Diploma and Advanced Diploma students.

StarNow is happy to announce its continued sponsorship of the Sydney Film Schools Festival Awards this year, in the ‘Outstanding Performance’ category.

The winners of the ‘Outstanding Performance’ award will be announced at the award night on Thursday 12th December.

Find out more about the festival

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