Want to make or be in a music video? Music Video Mash Up is here! Proudly sponsored by StarNow

23 Mar 2011

The Music Video Mash Up is a community event that is all about encouraging new filmmakers and emerging musical artists to showcase their talents. Judged by leading professionals both locally and nationally, this event gives competitors an amazing opportunity to exhibit their work in the creative industries to the public and to their peers.

If you are a budding filmmaker, band, musician or just someone that wants to be involved then check out the casting call here for more info:

The Music Video Mash Up Casting Call

Ralph Swimsuit Model of the Year 2011 - Wellington heat winner

22 Mar 2011

A huge StarNow congratulations to the 2011 winner of the Wellington heats Amanda Kate Butterworth. She will now fly up to Auckland to compete in the National Finals.

Congratulations also to all the finalists, Kendal Baker, Lisa Gotson, Ollie Hubbard, Mishana Campbell, Natalie Rachael, Emily Wilkinson, Angelique Findlay, Zara Elemam and Christina Clayton.

London Reel Intensive Winners!

13 Feb 2011

Congratulations to the following London members who have won the Reel Intensive with bjorn b.

Suzy Power

Scott Chester 'Etienne'

The Reel Intensive includes real scripts and real locations, great lighting, crisp sound, directed in a cohesive way so the Actor's story evolves in front of the camera.

For those who missed out but are keen to take part get in touch with bjorn b. for more information

We have our Melbourne Screentest Winners...

10 Feb 2011

We have our winners!

These lucky 10 StarNow members will be heading to a screentest workshop with professional Casting Director Michelle Quin.

Interview with Show Me Shorts winner Cameron Rhodes

1 Feb 2011

StarNow: Congratulations on winning Best Actor at the Show Me Shorts festival – how did it feel when they announced you as the winner?
Cameron Rhodes: It was great! I was fairly surprised, as the other nominees were all extremely strong and Brave Donkey has polarised audiences! But the acknowledgement was a thrill!

StarNow: What made you choose the role of Brian in Brave Donkey?
Cameron Rhodes: I felt the role was very challenging but also funny and hopefully moving. The audition went well and I instantly liked Gaysorn, the director. As it panned out, I was offered the part!

StarNow: Can you tell us about yourself? How did you get started in the entertainment industry?
Cameron Rhodes: I did shows at the Hutt Rep and Downstage Youth Theatre in Wellington when I was at school. I was hooked on acting from about 15 and hellbent on going to drama school! I got into Toi Whaakari, The NZ Drama School at 18 (my class included Robyn Malcolm, Kerry Fox, Jed Brophy). After graduating, I worked at Downstage in the company and was in a number of co-op shows at Bats. I then worked at the Mercury and Watershed in Auckland. In the late 90’s I toured NZ with the NZ Actor’s Company. Lately I’ve worked at the ATC, Silo and directed at the Basement and Herald. Through the years also acted on TV shows like, Mercy Peak, Xena, Spies and Lies, and a number of films, including Lord of the Rings and I’m Not Harry Jenson.

StarNow: What are some career highlights you have had so far?
Cameron Rhodes: Playing Cyrano in Theatre At Large’s Cyrano De Bergerac at the Watershed, and then touring to Wellington, Adelaide and Perth. Bottom in NZ Actor’s Co national tour of A Midsummer’s Night Dream from Invercargill to Kaitaia. Acting in Brave Donkey and Harry Jenson on screen.

StarNow: You are obviously a very well rounded actor performing on stage and in front of the camera. Which is your preference?
Cameron Rhodes: I love both! The intensity of film is fantastic, I love the focus of a film set. Theatre is the most actor-intensive of the mediums, and you can’t beat the adrenaline of an opening night!

StarNow: What is your next project? Any new films or plays in the pipeline?
Cameron Rhodes: I’m in a theatre/film hybrid called Carnival of Souls at the Mercury and Civic theatres for the Auckland Festival. We are performing all the lines, music and sound effects live to a 1960’s horror film! Then in Mary Stuart at the ATC, as well as directing a tour of Michael Galvin’s play Station To Station. There are also a couple of film roles in the pipeline.

StarNow: As a graduate of Toi Whakaari – NZ Drama School, what value do you put on training/education versus experience in the acting industry?
Cameron Rhodes: It is possible to just start acting, and many very successful actors have done just that. NZ used to have theatre companies where actors were on contract for up to a year, there were regular classes and you could really learn on the job. Now it is job to job, and you need to seek out classes and further training. I do think there is value in working on the skills of voice, movement and acting craft, and there are more classes and scene groups being established. A drama school gives you the chance to study away from the pressure of getting a job, and you can work out of your comfort zone and have a team of tutors giving you regular feedback. There is a new one year full time course starting in 2012 called The Actors’ Program, based at Tapac, that I am involved in. Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward Lealand, Sara Wiseman and I are all founders and tutors. A one year course may suit those who don’t necessarily want to train for three years. There is no one way, but I do recommend training if you have the opportunity.

StarNow: How do you think a site like StarNow is useful for actors? Would you recommend actors to use the site?
Cameron Rhodes: Today the internet is an instant way to be seen by casting directors, producers etc. Having your profile on a website like StarNow is an excellent idea. Yes, I would recommend actors to use the site. The more exposure the better!

StarNow: Do you have any tips you would give to other aspiring young actors?
Cameron Rhodes: Stay fit and healthy! You are your instrument, so to speak. Keep working on physical and vocal fitness and flexibility. Go and see plays, movies and read to stimulate your imagination and passion. Watch people. Prepare well for auditions and arrive early! Acting is a fantastic job, where you keep learning and improving through your whole life and career. Go for it!

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