Major UK Theatre Tour – Interview with producer Martin Derbyshire
Posted by Surviving Actors on 10 Jan, 2017

Major UK Theatre Tour – Interview with producer Martin Derbyshire

With the upcoming Surviving Actors Open Casting Call happening, we caught up with Out Of Joint Theatre's Producer Martin Derbyshire to hear more about them, and the auditions!

Out Of Joint Theatre are running an Open Casting Call at Surviving Actors London on February 4th 2017. Read the full casting breakdown here

If you are attending the open casting call – we suggest you arrive early because spaces are first come, first served and you aren't guaranteed an audition! Head straight for the StarNow stand, where we'll sign you up for a slot during the day. And most importantly, relax and enjoy!

What do Out of Joint Theatre look for when they are casting actors?I don't think that's an easy question to answer and we cast such a wide range of actors with all sorts of different traits. But we generally like to work with actors who are comfortable with who they are, and their abilities. We are also always looking for that certain originality that will play well on stage.

Why have you chosen to run an Open Casting at Surviving Actors?We feel that casting can become very limited as you tend to work with the same casting directors and co-producers and you find you see the same people. We think it's important to spread the net a little wider.

What is your advice for actors wanting to work in theatre?It's an extremely hard business so make sure you really love what you do. If you really love it, you won't give up. The other advice I always give actors is that I think training is extremely important, in all of its forms. Whether it is a day course somewhere, or a three year degree. I don't think training finishes when you leave drama school, and in this country there seems to the idea that once you leave drama school you know it all. That is not remotely true and with the lack of rep' theatre, I would advise all actors to continue training whenever possible.

What is your proudest moment as a company?It's very hard to pick just one, we have been very fortunate as a company. I think our 21st birthday gala was a particular highlight.

What are the next steps for Out Of Joint Theatre?We are currently producing Consent with the National Theatre, which opens in Spring. We continue to be dedicated to presenting the best of new writing and touring extensively.

How can we keep up to date with Out Of Joint?Visit our website and join our mailing list. Otherwise, you can follow us on all the usual social media.

Apply to the open casting now

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