Behind the Scenes – An interview with our Payless Model Search winners!
Posted by StarNow on 30 Jan, 2017

Behind the Scenes – An interview with our Payless Model Search winners!

In November 2016 StarNow and Payless Shoes launched an Australia-wide search for four talented kids to star in the 2017 Payless ‘Back to School’ campaign.

We received over 4,000 applications from kids aged 5-18 from all across Australia, and the Payless Shoes team were thrilled to discover four great StarNow members to front their campaign!

Congratulations to Faith Moors (11), Maximus P (6), Monique L (7) and Ryan Hedges (9). They each took part in a photoshoot in Sydney in early December where they modelled a range of school and sports shoes.

Monique and Max

We caught up with them following the shoot to hear all about it!

Have you done much modelling before? If so, what kind of experience do you have?

Faith: I once did a Best & Less catwalk, modelling their clothes, but this was my first modelling shoot.

Max: I was in a Big W catalogue once when I was 3.

Monique: I’ve been modelling for a few years now. I have been really lucky and have had lots of photoshoots for lots of cool brands like Country Road, Zoggs Swimwear, Bardot Junior, Harvey Norman, Best and Less, Big W and of course Payless Shoes. And I’ve also done a few TV commercials for Wet ‘n Wild Sydney and Nickelodeon. I even travelled and stayed on Hayman Island for an awesome shoot!

Ryan: I did some workshops with New Faces Talent Academy and then modelled at the The Australian Convention of Actors and Artists (The AUSCAAs) in Melbourne in 2016 where I won two modelling awards, but this was my first actual modelling job.

How did it feel to find out you had won the model search?

Faith: I was very happy!

Max: I was excited!

Monique: I was so excited and happy. I knew I was very lucky to be chosen and wanted to do a really good job.

Ryan: Awesome! I felt really lucky!

BTS - MaxTell us your favourite thing about modelling

Faith: I like to see the clothes and shoes before they come out in the shops and it's really fun to do.

Max: Well if I’m honest, having time off school and getting money was my favourite thing!

Monique: When I get to dress up in nice clothes, meet new people and travel to new places. It’s really fun!

Ryan: Being in front of a camera and working with the cast and crew.

What was the best/most fun thing about the shoot?

Faith: I got to wear the shoes and have fun behind the camera. I also got to meet new people!

Max: Being able to go to the monitor and look at the photos after they were taken, and doing running jumps for the sports shoes part.

Faith and Ryan

Monique: I love getting my hair done.

Ryan: Continuing to learn how the 'acting and modelling world' works. I enjoyed everything about the shoot!

What do you love to do for fun? (e.g. hobbies aside from modelling)

Faith: I like to spend time with family and friends, play with technology, swim, sing, dance and make DIY'S (Do It Yourself).

Max: Playing sports, playing with my toys, seeing my friends, holidays and video games!

Monique: I love swimming and school. I swim nearly every day in my pool.

Ryan: Acting, swimming, playing guitar, hanging with friends and playing with my siblings.

How has StarNow helped you with your career so far?

Faith: It has made it so much easier for our family. Instead of needing to go out and find new jobs, we can search for jobs from home.

Faith and Ryan

Max: I got this job through StarNow, so far so good! I’ve only just joined but we like that we can apply for jobs if they are suitable, and the wide range that the service offers.

Monique: I have been with Starnow for about two months and have been really lucky, I’ve modelled in four jobs already. When Mum told me I had won the Model Search for Payless Shoes through StarNow, I was so happy. I really love modelling and want to do it when I’m older too. I love following and watching other models, and seeing their pictures.

Ryan: It has helped me so much. I have been selected for auditions and casting-calls, and short-listed for jobs. I wouldn't have got this far without StarNow!

Remember - the only way to be in with a chance to get a role is to apply!

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