How to Make Your Hollywood Immersive Application Stand Out
Posted by Erin Banks on 14 Mar, 2018

How to Make Your Hollywood Immersive Application Stand Out

We're super excited to team up with our friends at Hollywood Immersive again this year to offer one talented StarNow member the experience of a lifetime.

The winner of the Hollywood Immersive competition will have the opportunity to unlock L.A. with access to the best acting coaches, mentors and the opportunity to meet with special industry guests. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity, giving the winner priceless behind the scenes access to the city.

With thousands of applicants all vying for their chance to win the ultimate Hollywood experience, it's more important than ever that your application grabs the judges' attention straight away.

StarNow Markets Manager Erin Banks is part of the judging panel this year and is keen to share her advice to make sure your application stands out from the crowd!

1. Make sure you have uploaded a headshot. Make sure your headshot is well-composed, well-lit and a representation of the real you. If you don't have a professional headshot that's ok, you can always take a good photo on your smartphone or camera or get a friend to take one for you. Just make sure we can see you well (no hats, hair in your face, or strange selfie angles) and please, no filters (especially not snapchat puppy ears!).

2. Include a video on your profile. It doesn't necessarily need to be a professional showreel – so long as we can see you, get a sense of your ability and hear you speak, that's the most important thing. If you don't have any footage or a showreel yet, you can simply record a monologue or scene using a smartphone, camera or laptop and upload that. Just make sure…

  • We can see and hear you. Poor lighting and sound quality can be your worst enemy.
  • You are the first person we see. Casting directors don't have time to watch an entire short film where you don't appear until 5 min in – and depending on the footage, we might not realise which actor is you. If you want to use footage from full films it's best just to upload the clip of you performing, rather than the full film.
  • That you are speaking. I'd rather see a good monologue well recorded in your lounge than see you as an extra in a glamourous music video.
  • Your strongest material is at the start of the reel. Don't save the best till last, or we might miss it!

3. Tell us why you think you'd be a great winner. Every time you make an application on StarNow you get the opportunity to speak directly to the casting professional in your application text. Don't waste this opportunity – it's your time to shine! We want to hear from you; who you are, what your dreams and ambitions are, and why you think you deserve to win. The more of a sense of the person behind the profile that we get, the more likely we are to connect with you and your work and want to find out more.

4. Apply! You know what they say – you've got to be in it to win it. Even if you've applied before, maybe you've even been a finalist before and missed out, it's still worth you throwing your hat in the ring. It was third time lucky for one of our previous winners Bruce Herbelin-Earle, who won the Hollywood Immersive Competition in 2016 after being shortlisted as a finalist twice before. Bruce grabbed every opportunity at Hollywood Immersive, and has since gained top representation in the US and starred in the recent Netflix series Free Rein.

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Erin Banks is StarNow’s Markets Manager. A professional actor and voice-over artist, Erin has appeared in such varied roles as an animated bumper car for a Korean kids TV show to the haughty Lobelia Sackville-Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Erin loves cooking, crafting, gardening and her cat Willow – possibly the prettiest feline you’ve ever seen. She’s best known in the office for her calming influence and hilarious impressions.