Meet the StarNow Crew — Kalista
Posted by Maddison Baker on 18 Mar, 2018

Meet the StarNow Crew — Kalista

Our next StarNow crew member may seem familiar to some of you, due to her presence on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. She is a capsule wardrobe champion with an an eye for everything aesthetically pleasing, and fortunately for us, she is in charge of all things social media here at StarNow. Read on to receive some advice about how to make the most of StarNow and learn a bit more about the grooviest Digital Marketing Executive in the land, Kalista!

What's your role at StarNow, and what does a typical day at work involve for you? My job title is 'Digital Marketing Executive' – basically I look after our social media channels, newsletters and a bunch of other stuff. A large part of my time is spent replying to messages on social media, and planning and scheduling content.

What's your favourite part of your job? I really love chatting to and helping our members.

If you could give our members one piece of advice, what would it be? Be professional. Regularly check your messages, reply to emails, show up on time and generally just be courteous. Talent will only take you so far. You’ll build a great reputation for yourself and get more castings with the right attitude.

What would you be doing if you weren’t at your current job? I’d love to be a makeup and hair stylist for film and TV.

Who do you most admire and why? David Bowie. Nuff said.

What’s your life motto? Be picky with your clothes, friends and time.

What's something you can’t live without? Sleep. If there was a gold medal for napping, it’d have it in the bag.

If your house was burning and you could only save 3 things, what would you save? My collection of polaroid photos, a book I have signed by Kevin McCloud (Presenter of Grand Designs), and a book I have signed by Taika Waititi (New Zealand filmmaker).

Celebrating with some of the StarNow crew.

Kalista with her partner, Nic.

What movie or novel character do you most identify with? I used to think I was Peggy from Mad Men, but then I realized I’m probably more like Don. Make of that what you will.

Take us to a place in Wellington that means something to you and tell us why you chose it! I chose the David Bowie wall, because he’s pretty much my favourite person ever!
Also, the wall is opposite from my fave café in Wellington – Customs Brew Bar –- so it’s a view I enjoy regularly!

In front of the David Bowie mural.

What are you best known for in the office? Having a tidy desk and being a ‘crazy plant lady’.

Random Kalista facts:

  • My best friend and I met as PenPals when we were 15 years old. We still write letters to each other!
  • While I’m not a traditional minimalist, I try hard to focus on quality over quantity for the things I buy and own – I have a capsule wardrobe of less than 30 items.
  • Ever since I was young, I’ve been obsessed by TV. I was the TV editor for my university newspaper and wrote a regular column.

Kalista with her pen pal, Jess.

Some of Kalista's plant collection.

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Maddison Baker is StarNow's Office Coordinator. She's multi-talented and multi-faceted - between answering your questions on social media and keeping the StarNow HQ running smoothly, she manages to pack a lot into her day (think lunchtime gym sessions to after-work netball games). She always knows where the newest, coolest café is, the lyrics to Drake's latest song, and – most importantly for us – where the office supply of coffee is kept.