Behind the Scenes of a Jay Jays Photoshoot
Posted by StarNow on 23 Jul, 2020

Behind the Scenes of a Jay Jays Photoshoot

Back in September 2019 StarNow teamed up with Jay Jays to bring you the Jay Jays Model Search. The winners received travel and accommodation to attend the photoshoot, plus some sweet hook-ups. The winners Issy, Harriet, John, Josiah, Mariah, Olivia, and Robin were all flown across to Melbourne in November to take part in the new season Jay Jays photoshoot.

A little while back, we caught up with some of the winners to hear how it went…

What was the highlight of working on set with Jay Jays? Harriet: I loved meeting the crew and making new friends, and of course having the experience to work on set with Jay Jays. They made it such a fun and comfortable environment, and with most of us having had no previous modelling experience, we couldn't have asked for a better first shoot!

Robin: Meeting all the other participants and crew members and getting to know them was really great.

Issy: My highlight was working with everyone and just having a laugh. It was amazing to see how many people it takes to make a shoot like Jay Jays run smoothly and I felt like a movie star being one of the models, definitely a dream come true!

What was it like working with a professional photographer? Harriet: With most of us having little to no experience, Tintin was such a professional. I found it amazing how she knew exactly what she wanted to achieve, and her ability to communicate what we needed to do to make it work.

Robin: It was very fun, and much more laid back than I expected.

Issy: The photographer was the loveliest lady to work with! Her constructive criticism was so helpful, and having someone to guide me helped make me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

How did you combat your nerves prior to the shoot? Harriet: We were all invited out for dinner the night prior to the shoot so we could meet the other competition winners, and the Jay Jays creative team. I think this definitely helped calm our nerves and make us feel comfortable on shoot day.

Robin: I was a bit too tired to have nerves since we had to get up so early! Luckily I don't get nervous for these sorts of things.

Issy: I wasn't too nervous before the shoot, due to the dinner the night prior. I was simply so excited to get to know everyone and model that nerves were the last thing on my mind! Everything just felt right.

When did you know you were interested in modelling? Harriet: I have never done any professional modelling before, so when I saw the StarNow x Jay Jays Model Search I was inspired to try something new. I am now signed to JustKhoo modelling agency after applying to their job through StarNow.

Robin: I've had experience acting in commercials before, so I thought why not modelling!

Issy: Growing up I loved the idea of modelling and would get family and friends to take my photo to practice, my parents however thought I was too young to pursue it. Now I'm 17, the StarNow x Jay Jays competition popped up at just the right time!

What is the best piece of advice you would tell someone who is wanting to get in to the modelling industry? Harriet: Don't be limited by your own or anyone else's expectations, take every opportunity and worry less. It’s ok to sometimes get outside your comfort zone, I did and it turns out it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Robin: I've only just started myself, so I don't really have any tips yet.

Issy: I'm only just starting out myself, but I would say just be confident, friendly, genuine and always ready to learn and grow.

What was the best part about winning? Harriet: The whole experience was unreal from being flown down to Melbourne to meeting all the talent, crew and creatives involved. It was really interesting seeing what is involved in the production of a shoot, and seeing how many elements have to work together in order to create success.

Making new friendships was also a highlight, and one of the other Model Search winners Issy and I felt like we’d known each other for ever after only a few hours. Issy has already been up to Sydney to stay with me and my family and I’ve just got back from a trip to her small country town in Victoria. We already have plans to go travelling overseas next year!

Robin: Definitely the trip to Melbourne, the fun day on the site and the prize money was great were the best parts.

Issy: I would say the entire experience! Meeting and hanging out with everyone including the talent and crew, experiencing what it's like behind the scenes and of course modelling surrounded by professionals and learning so much! I had the most amazing time and I'm so grateful to have won alone side the others!

The winners of the Jay Jays Model Search were featured in the store windows of 200+ Jay Jays stores across Australia and New Zealand and on their 'Summer Repeat' lookbook. If you haven't checked it out yet, head to the Jay Jays website - The Jay Jays Model Search is just one of many amazing giveaways we do throughout the year. Remember – you've got to be a member to win!

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