Hey Models! Meet Some of our Previous Global Model Search Winners
Posted by Isabella Pearson on 03 Aug, 2021

Hey Models! Meet Some of our Previous Global Model Search Winners

Our annual Global Model Search is back for 2021, and this year we’ve partnered up with some of the biggest agencies in the biz; Vivien's Model Management, Models 1 and LA Models.

We've been running this comp for 10 years now, so to mark the occasion we had a chat withsome of our previous year's winners, Liam Davidson and Soul Orth, to see what they're up to now...

How long have you been a StarNow member and what prompted you to apply for our Global Model Search?

Liam – I actually joined StarNow to enter the StarNow Global Model Search of 2014 after I told some friends I wanted to try modelling. They told me about StarNow and the rest is history!

Soul – I have been a member of StarNow for 10 years. I applied for the Global Model Search in 2020 as modelling has been a big dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

How did winning our Global Model Search help shape your career?

Liam – Winning the 2014 Global Model Search was such an amazing opportunity. It got me signed with one of Australia's best agents, who then built up my portfolio and got me work quickly. I learned what the industry was about and where I fit into it. I met amazing people and felt like I was taken care of by my booker (Flo) and that they cared about me and my career, I have heard it isn't always the case.

Soul – I am so grateful for winning the 2020 Global Model Search as I have since been signed with Vivien’s Model Management, which is an amazing agency. The knowledge and opportunities provided to me by Vivien’s has been very beneficial for my modelling career.

We know how important representation is nowadays, what do you look for when finding an agent?

Liam – Representation is so important. You need an agent that believes in you and doesn't think of you as a number of their books. I look for someone who knows my brand and what to submit me for. I like having open communication and a friendly dynamic. You just want to feel like you're in good hands and that they believe you can deliver.

Soul – When looking for an agent, it’s important to do your research and find the best agent for you. Before saying yes to an agent, it’s important to meet with them and ask any necessary questions. You should look for agents that are professional and it’s important that you get along with your agent as they will be managing your career. I am very grateful to be represented by such a reputable agency and one that I’ve always dreamed of being a part of.

Do you have any advice for anyone who might be interested in applying for our Global Model Search?

Liam – I really recommend just entering if you are thinking about it. It changed my life and allowed me to have experiences I never thought I would have. I had never modelled before I entered. I asked a friend to take some pictures for me and I made my StarNow profile; it can't hurt giving it a shot.

Soul – For anyone who is interested, I say to go for it as you never know who the next winner will be and it’s important to give yourself a chance to fulfil your dreams.

What three things have you found to be essential to succeed in the modelling industry?

Liam –

  1. I think it's important to know your brand; what you have to offer and where you fit in the industry.
  2. You need to turn up to castings looking professional and eager to be there.
  3. Put yourself out there for every opportunity, obviously the more you are seen, the more jobs you can book. I was commuting from another city (2.5 hours on train) just for castings - I didn't get all of them but I made the trip because modelling is what I wanted to do.

Soul –

  1. I believe confidence is key and it is important to always believe in yourself.
  2. It is essential to present the best version of yourself and be professional in all situations.
  3. Taking the time to introduce yourself and get to know others in the industry is important, whether it be other models, photographers, hair and makeup artists etc as you never know who will be on the job and it is great to develop friendships and get yourself known in the industry.

What has been the best moment of your career since winning our Global Model Search?

Liam – I have had some great experiences. I fell in love with being on a shoot, it was always so much fun that I couldn't believe it was a job. I love being creative in many facets so my favourite experiences have been when a photographer just has a concept and we have worked together to create some really cool pictures. Editorial shoots are my favourite by far.

Soul – Being signed with Vivien’s has been a dream of mine for a very long time, so signing with this incredible agency has been amazing. Meeting with a range of different people within the industry has been some of the best moments. Gaining tips and knowledge from photographers and creating friendships with other models has helped with my career and increased my confidence when modelling.

How would you like to see your career evolve over the next five years?

Liam – I'm so grateful for my experiences modelling, I feel like they taught me a lot and got me in contact with so many different creatives. I would love to continue modelling and continue acting as I’ve been studying that for a couple of years now. So just doing those two things will make me happy. Hopefully, you will see me on tv in the near future!

Soul – Over the next five years I would love to be doing as many jobs as I can, gaining more experience and meeting lots of new people in the industry. I would love to walk in runway shows and a big goal of mine is to work overseas.

So, whaddaya think? Fancy being signed by one of the top agencies in the biz? This is your chance. Make like these guys and apply to our Global Model Search today!

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