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Old vunerable lady

I was asked to say a few lines as a weak old lady

01Old vunerable lady
02lines as old lady

Physical Attributes

162 cm / 5ft 4in
83 kg / 182 lbs
White / Caucasian
109 cm / 43 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
120 cm / 47 in
Dress size:
UK 18 / AUS 18 / US 14
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Italia Conte


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Sign Language

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Welsh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

Trained at Italia Conte as a child.
School Choir (some solos)
Appearances at Wimbledon & Richmond Theatres as a child, dancing and singing. Featured in an Italia Conte "Pathe Newsreel" sequence in the 1950's

Amateur Dramatic Clubs, leading roles and ensemble/cast member virtually all my life.
Solo singing in Singing group/reviews and sketches.

Extremely good with accents,especially Cockney, Irish, American and French. Please see and listen to my profile show reels on this site.

Played 'Sharon' in a Uni film, used facial expressions rather than speech.2009 Was remembered for this and asked to do another film for the same school - Westminster Uni, unfortunately I wasn't able to help them this time due to work commitments. 2010

Played 'old lady'(see the results on my picture page) in nursing home and in same film played a Care Nurse - with dialogue - "Man and Dog" along side Peter Blake and Jonathan Cecil for Ealing Studios.2009. Credited. IMDB

BBC1 "The One Show" featured in the segment entitled '7 Deadly Sins'.2009

Played 'American Tourist' - fabulous facial expressions for this role! for North London Arts Council film 2009 - credited.IMDB (BAFTA 2011 nominated)

Chris Moyles Christmas song 'Never Gonna Snow' played Chav Mum on sofa, and dancing sequence at the finale of video. 2009 this can be seen on this site in Video section.

'Patient' in a Hospital with 2 lines - in film for London College of Communication. 2010 - credited.

Part of a Gospel Congregation - and was 'healed' of asthma, by 'Pastor' - this was for an overseas community project - filmed for School children 2010 - credited

Skittles sweets campaign online only a full 2 weeks work - with Acadamy Films - Oct/Nov 2010 - credited.

Was featured as the cafe owner (especially picked out I may add!) in the 2011 Walkers crisps TV and online advert for Comic relief, with Gary Linekar, Stephen Fry and Frank Skinner

Music video for up and coming RAP star IKIS, featured as a housewife, gardening 2011 - credited (can be seen here)

Channel 4 comedy show "The Warm up Guy" played GRANNY in a scene, was asked for 'shocked' expressions - they got it!! 2011

Gino D'A Campo + Mel Sykes 2011 lunchtime show, regular participant in helping with show format Aug 2011 also chosen from lots of people for the pilot show, helped in tasting certain foods and asked for opinions on each to cameras

"Under the Sun" video - Cheryl Fernandez - Versini (Cole as she was then) - July 2012 - featured roles (see picture), also featured in some 'Glossies', Hello, OK and Chat.. in stills from the same video (July 2012)

Promo film for ITV for a game show (Vernon Kay), featured heavily Nov 2012, worked alongside him

Office worker in a Weetabix TV advert - 2013 - featured

Jackpot Joy TV advert - Teddington - 2013

Harry Hill - The Movie - 2013 - featured

Harry Hill - The Movie - 2013 extra scene - semi nudist on beach - featured

Soul of a spy (feature film) - passer by - 2013

Secret Service - Rowdy leaflet distributor - 2013 - featured

Pride - Member of a Wives Choir - featured - 2013

Night at the Museum 3 - featured as an American tourist guide Feb 2014

Phantom (Bollywood) ~ Cricket spectator (featured with main stars) July 2014

Played title character of David Walliams book "Awful Auntie" at a book signing in the Garrick Theatre, London, interacted with children and parents. November 2014

Modeled as a Tea lady for an in house magazine for COY Communications (pics here) March 2015

Passerby in Bollywood film FAN March 2015

Fan at airport, featured, in the forthcoming film Eddie the Eagle, out in 2016, April 2015

Photographic shoot for American drug co Lilli advertising new drug for pharmacutical campaign. USA only. April 2015

Robbery victim shoot for BBC "Crimewatch" May 2017

Passenger on Corporate training film for GWR - played a drunken old lady. Featured 2018

Online Campaign for Budweiser - scene in pub as a football supporter - featured June 2018

Participant in a USA campaign for Google, had to improvise emotions March 2019

Cello player (improvised) Pop video Nafe Smallz ft M Huncho "Part of the Plan" Feb 2020

Participant in PHE "Health Restart" film campaign, comprising of doing Physical Exercise, then Presenting and cooking food to camera.
Casting by for M&C Saatchi, Golden Sq, London W1. June 2020

Continuing the PHE film campaign, was used as an example of Baked Bean weight training! For TV showing in the future. Casting as above December 2020.

Credits on IMDB
Not any union member


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Walk on parts
Videos and Pop Promotion
Modelling clothes
TV appearances in quizzes.
Presenting cooking to camera.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Skin products, Hair and Nails - Professional work
Clothing Fashion model for "This Morning" TV programme features in 2009 + 2010
Fashion Feature - Pictures and article for the Daily Mirror newspaper - Oct 2012.
Catwalk work (for charity functions) 2003 (ongoing)
Photographic model for a Photographer building up his portfolio...face and hands only 2014 (unpaid)
"Tea Lady" for COY Communications London NW8 for in house magazine Feb 2015
Lilley company USA, I was photographed for inclusion on a collage they are making for a Cancer drug, USA release only. May 2015

TV & Reality

In January 2009 I was on Going For Gold quiz on C5, and won £1000. In 1994 I was featured in a BBC production of Cutting Edge featuring Driving. I also was a guest along with Michael Winner on the Esther Rantzen talk programme talking about Driving, I was asked because of my contribution to the Cutting Edge show, the Producer himself, called me, he was that impressed with my inter - action with the TV cameras on the Driving show - 1994 Fashion feature for "This Morning" the 'apple' shape body...May 2010. Was also regressed for the same programme in 2005, fascinating experience!

I have taken part in numerous quiz run throughs for various TV companies over the past few years, well experienced in this field, confident and competitive at all times! Have taken part in quite a few TV pilot shows, in and out of a TV studio, some with an audience.

BBC1 "The One Show" Science experiment over 5 days. January 2009

Was in the audience of 3 spoof debates (Jack Whitehall) and took part vocally in it, for Channel 4. 2009
Channel 5 "Going for Gold" - winner
BBC1 "Mastermind" quiz show 2010 - subject was "Carry On films"
BBC1 quiz "Pointless" July 2010 - final contestant
ITV "The Chase" - 2012 - final contestant
Breakaway BBC2 - 2012 - final contestant
15 to 1 Channel 4 - 2014 - contestant on 3 shows
Two Tribes BBC - 2015 - contestant
The Boss BBC - 2016 - contestant
A daily winner on 15 to 1 in 2017

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