Farida L

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London, United Kingdom


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Professional, understood her role quickly, took direction well and excellent presentation

Recommended for Modelling Aug 17, 2019

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Worked with Farida first time last week, must say it was pleasure working with her, very professional about her work.

Recommended for Acting May 23, 2019

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Amazing attitude, came timely, was patient, excellent work. And she made an Insta review for our products too! Fab, highly recommend.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 29, 2018

Completely stunning model! Best of luck for the year x

Recommended for Acting Apr 6, 2018

very sweet

Recommended for Acting Jan 23, 2018

They saying goes, 'legend in the making'…well Farida is what a legend is after it has been made!. From our first communication till the last shot, she has exceeded my expectations in that she has a good sense of humour and was great fun to work with and just a great person to spend the day with. Farida went above and beyond and really help setup the shoot and had some amazing ideas too, she was also extremely patient and had a positive energy throughout the shoot. I came away from the shoot knowing we had hardly started to explore her range as a model and can not wait to work with her again. Thank you for all your help Farida!!!

Recommended for Modelling Feb 8, 2017

Farida was fantastic to work with - she was involved in a short campaign film we made for a charity. She was very professional, took direction well and brought a wide range of emotion to a hard-hitting and serious role.

Recommended for Acting Jul 21, 2016

Recommended for Oct 27, 2018

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