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She's My Girl Now

Executive producer, M.O.R. Records, The Time Is Right Publishing registered with A.S.C.A.P.

01She's My Girl Now
02Girls At School
03Fly, Fly, Fly Oh Won't You Fly With Me
04Gary Faerber-Glowing Keeps Me Going
05Gary's portfolio on Talenthouse2

Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
91 kg / 200 lbs
Native American
119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
103 cm / 41 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • President/CEO officer of Happy Times For Kids, Inc. : President/CEO officer of Happy Times For Kids, Inc.
  • Phone Numbers are 1-800-915-9925 or 1-845-338-5130 or 1-845-430-4706 cell : Happy Times For Kids, Inc. Gary B. Faerber 153 Clinton Ave. Kingston New York 12401 is
  • Neanderthal Feather Walkers : Northeast Kidney Foundation in Albany New York
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker : Northeast Kidney Foundation
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker songs five has been completed : Songs are Neanderthal Feather Walker Fly, Fly Fly Oh Won't You Fly With Me, Neanderthal Feather Walker
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker's show : Birthday Party
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker show : Spring Valley New York Children's Day Care Center
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker Trademark for wrist watches : His and hers wrist watches with Trademark
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker show : VFW East Chester Street Kingston New York Christmas Party for 150 People
  • Neanderthal Feather Walkers Birthday Party : Port Ewen New York
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker children's storybook : Completed my first children's Picture storybook with a copyright
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker show : VFW East Chester Street for a Birthday party
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker show : Elementary George Washington School
  • Neanderthal Feather Walker : Design Patent # 341398
  • She's My Girl Now and Girls At School rock and roll : Copyright was excepted for these two songs, the songs were finished in the year 1980 though!
  • She's My Girl Now and Girls At School rock and roll : These songs were completed at this time but was not published and registered with A.S.C.A.P. until after the copyright was complete in the year 1988!


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

I do shows with marionettes, dancing to songs with my intellectual property rights of the Neanderthal Feather Walkers. Their movement is unique when walking, dancing, bowing, and just shaking their feathers from time to time. They are very colorful and balanced with their movement!


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Walt Disney, Hanna and Barbera, Warner Bros,, Captain Kangaroo show, Muppets, Barney The Dinosaur, Sherry Lewis had a character created from a sock, all creators of characters that had a chance to be noticed and was appreciated for their creativity accomplishment. Learned from a young lad I did. The last stage of the best character shall be beautiful with feathers named The Neanderthal Feather Walkers. In my opinion, have to prove this first, long road to success.


Producer ability


Let me take this time to introduce myself to you, my name is Gary B. Faerber also known as Captain Feather Walker, the creator of a new breed of characters named the Neanderthal Feather Walkers.

The Neanderthal Feather Walker Band was recorded in Bearsville Studio in Bearsville New York in the year 1980. The copyrights were completed with the United States copyright office in the year 1988 is when this was accepted.

I am a member of A.S.C.A.P. with the songs " She's My Girl Now " and " Girls At School " registered under the name " The Time Is Right Publishing "! The band that created these two song's is named the Neanderthal Feather Walker Band!

Rock and Roll never dies just gets older. I was the manager and the executive producer with renting a house for twelve months to make this happen.

I am the owner of the copyrights and publishing rights under the name The Time Is Right Publishing, and Gary B. Faerber for these two songs. I will be the one negotiating the percentages of the final agreement if any that comes about. The artists were Billy Deitz on drums, Charlie Brocco guitar and back vocals, Bobby MacDougall on guitar with singing, Mike Rich playing guitar with some back vocals as well, and another person added lyrics is named Harry Stahl.

President & CEO officer of Happy Times For Kids, Inc., owner of The Time Is Right Publishing Company and owner of M.O.R. Records. My web address is if you care to view and listen. Hope you do enjoy this entertainment for a lot of time and hard work went into this material. Thank you for your time and remember rock and roll never dies, can be before it's time, until the right time comes along, then this is brand new!

TV & Reality

There has been a VHS tape on local public broadcasting, commercials in two states of the United States, for entertainment purposes. I Gary B. Faerber do dance my original marionettes named the " Neanderthal Feather Walkers ", acquired a design patent #341,398, trademarked, and copyrighted with original songs with a complete children's storybook on You Tube to view under the name " Neanderthal Feather Walkers " and there is one more video to view with Jib Jab! Other images can be viewed when typing in the words Neanderthal Feather Walkers on any search engine with many other sites! Environmentally sound character, with powers in a story to tell about, that has entertainment in more ways then one with a constructive design!


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Country
  • Rock & Roll

I have danced these marionettes for the period of twenty-two years, since the year 1993 since I acquired my Design Patent, they are really colorful now with the new feathers, same feathers as the show girls in Las Vegas. Movement is unique as well as a gorgeous display in color with dancing to the music. They can dance to almost all music except Rap!
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