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Actor, Extra, Model, Teacher/Choreographer, TV Presenter,… more

London, United Kingdom
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Physical Details

170 cm / 5ft 7in
93 cm / 37 in
41 kg / 90 lbs
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
86 cm / 34 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
68 cm / 27 in
Hair type:


  • The Absurds: music video : actor, speaking role
  • film: Static : actor, speaking role
  • film: Static - actor, speaking role
  • Film :Bloom - Producer:Joe Davids, Director:Sin Yuen : supporting actor
  • Care Agency Video for Crooked House Films : Actor
  • Spoon Fed, Grass Roots Media Ltd : supporting actor
  • Spoon Fed (short film) Grass Roots Media Ltd : supporting actor


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Grass Roots Media : Spoon Fed - S.A
Care Agency Video - Actor
No Religion Just Faith - Actor
Missing - short film : Supporting Actor
Kindred Spirits - feature film : S.A
Baptism short film : NRJF : Extra
Music video - Extra
Earth 2.0 - film - Extra
Bloom - film - Extra
Elijah Bone Music video : Rolling : Extra
Home Office Film : S.A (speaking role) -
Prime Cut - film - Extra
Different for Girls : Film - S.A
The Big Sleep : Film : Supporting Actor
LFTS Home Office: Actor -Speaking role.
Still Remains: film : S A
Glam Squad: music video - Extra
LFTS Metronome film: S.A
The Mayoress: Film : Extra
Grizzly FIlms : Sleeping Silence : Acto
The Warrior : music video: Actor
White Glove Massive Film : Extra
Plane Stupid - Faction of Farce: Actor -
Tranquil Vita - short film : Lead Actor
Static short film : Actor, speaking role
The Absurds - music video: S.A
Brockmans Lifestyle Shoot - Actor
Stealing Silver - film: Actor
What Happens When - Slater King:Actor
Love Actually - film: S.A
Blood to Gold - film: Actor
Looking for a Place Called Home - Extra
The Raw - music video : Actor
Come Down - film: Citizen of Alternate
Alpha and Omega - music video : Extra
Social Services film:Actor speaking role
Curtains by Arcane Roots - music video
The Hum :Tate Modern : Gallery Visitor
BBC3 Documentary : Actor : speaking
Freddie's World : Comedy film : S.A
Kindred Spirits - S A
BBC Raw Talent Fun Music Shoot - S A
Spoof Specsaver advert - extra
A Helical : film : S.A
Trampery Republic : Actor : Speaking
First films music video : film extra
Worse than it Seems Film : S.A
The Master of York : Feature film S.A
Short Walk out of Oblivion film : S.A
Love Sticks film : SA
Fashion Showreel for TV Reality film:S.A
Web Series:Angsty:Cameo (speak role)
Limitless : film : SA
Pillow Talk film : Actor : speaking role
Film : 8 Years : Cameo role
Film : Pennies : Lead : (Speaking Role)
Music Video : Session Victim : Actor
Music Video.: It's All Your Fault :.Extra
Film : Five Minutes : S.A
BBC Series 3 : Detectorists: Cameo role
Rock Music Video : Character Actor
Film: Penny's :Lead Actor (speaking role
Cloudy Clouds : Music video : Actress
Gimme Some Time music video : Actor
Short film : Passing Through : Actress
Murder Mystery Play : Actress speaking
NFT Film : Limitless : S.A
Gatwick Gangsters' speaking role
Relationshit Web Series : S.A
Don't Box me In : Music Video : Actor
Rooftop Refugees film : S.A
Cloudy Clouds music video : Actress
Benjamin the Movie : Feature film : S.A
Shadows : Music Video : Extra
Church Music Video : S/A
Producer : Deborah Corona
NFTS film : Rooftop Refugees : S.A
Peterloo Massacre : Feature Film:
Character Actor:Prod: Mike Leigh
Benjamin the Movie feature film : S.A
The First and Last Time Traveller : film
Kindred Spirits feature film : Extra
Lambeth Lights : feature film : Extra
Factory Doll : feature film : Actress
Feature film : Peterloo Massacre : Extra
Music Video : Rolling : Supporting Actor
Short Film : Christmas Story : Extra
Epic Feature Peterloo Massacre : Extra
Saatch&Saatchi:EE "Go All Out" : Extra
Short film : Consequences : Cameo role
Short film : Reminiscence : Actor
Short film : "Clean" : Supporting Actor
Music Video:HMLTD:Proxy Love:Actor
Film : Love Cabin : Supporting Actor
Education Film : Seneca : Actor
Cult70s MusicVideo: NiluferYanya:Actor
Comedy Film:Mel:charactrSpeakingRole
Matt Maltese: Music Video :Greatest Comedy Artwork:Atlantic Records:Actor
Film : Maybe Tomorrow : Actor
Session Victim : Music Video : Actor
Film : Savage : S.A
Music Video : The Velvet Hands : S.A
Anglo Films : Pose : Actress
A Matter of Time : Film : Actress
Bitter Productions film : Actress
Reality Check : Film : Actress
Glow : Short Film : Actress
Survival : Short Film : Lead Actress
Piano Man : Short Film : Actress
Vanish Campaign : Casting : Actress
Grandma : Short Film : Lead Actress
Bernard & Pearl : TV Film : Lead Actress
The Heist : Music Video : Actress
MotheroftheBride :MusicVideo: Actress
CBBC Granny Rave : short film : Actress
Woodcut Media Feature Film : Actress
WeHaveEverywhereToGoFilm: Actress
secrets : Music Video : Actress
Murder Maps 4 : Drama : Extra


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Short film : Clean : S.A (paid)
Short film : Clothes and Blow : Extra
Video:SquareOne/You Don't Know:Extra
Video : Elijah Bone : Rolling : Extra
Short film: Estate : S.A
Short film : Sensus : Extra
Short film : Sleeping Silence : S.A
Moss Kena Square One: Video : Extra
Short film : Paradis : Extra
Short film : Reality Check : Extra
TruNoDizzy : music video : Extra
Come Down : film : Extra
Short Film : POSE : Extra
Music Video : Arnould Angst : Extra
Grave Digger:Short Film: Featured Extra
Music Video : Hypocrite : Extra
Short Film : Beneath Desire : Extra
Reporting Live Film : Featured Extra


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website


M&C Saachi charity shoot

Whacky Faces fashion &
Jewelry Photo shoot
Director & producer: Joseph Stephen

Truenodizzy Urban Brand video- model
Producer: Rabeya Khatun

Portrait photo/sculpture shoot
Somerset House : Looking for Faces
Producer : E Scott

Portrait Photographic Production
Producer: Adetomi Adetayo

Apple Corporate shoot : Model

Skinchemist Before/After Shoot :Model
Richard Walker

London College of Fashion : Model 2017

Slater King Photographic Shoot : Model
"What would happen if..."

Irving Penn Photo Shoot : Model

Hiyafoto model photo shoot : Model

Inaki Pardo Photo Shoot : Model

Group Modelling Fashion Shoot : Model

RSJ TFP Lifestyle Photo Shoot : Model

Daniel Sperti-Sainz Fashion Photo
Shoot.: Model

Natalie Dodd Portrait Photo
Shoot : Model

Tate Modern :Through the Ages: Model Exhibited Model Photo

Signature Care Homes, Bagshot
Corporate Shoot : Model
Photographer : Max Pickering LRPS

Mac Fashion Shoot : Model

Blackbridge Com. Nursing Campaign : Photographer : Slater King : Model

Tate Modern : Tate Late Exhibition
Portrait by Natalie Dodd : Model

Portrait Shoot by Sebastian : Model

Slater King Photo Shoot : Model

Impression Magazine Spring 2018
Rankin photographer : Model

Llop: Photographer Aranda Rak : Model

Atlantic Records : Record sleeve Model

Art Photo Shoot : Model

Scott E 3D Photographic Shoot : Model

Kream Moving Image : Model

Joseph "Chav" shoot : Model

Chris Dodd shoot : Model

ENTRESTO : Model Casting

Burlington Spain : Model Casting

Centrica : Model Casting

Celebrity Meat:Slater King Shoot:Model

Sandrine : Photo Shoot : Model

Nicolee : Short Fashion Film : Model

Kelsey : Photo Shoot : Model

K. T. Watson : Photo Shoot : Model

Ju Lee Lookbook Photo Shoot : Model

Duel Magazine Editorial : Model

HUF Magazine : Model

Vanish Photo Shoot : Model

Charity campaign: casting model

Michiyo Photo Shoot : Model

Fader Magazine Editorial : Model

Fiona Lin Vintage Editorial : Model

Sua Photo Shoot : Model

Fiona Lin Vintage Series 1 :Model

Barchester Photo Shoot : Model

Marketing Gyms Video Casting :.Model

Fiona Lee Vintage Series 2 : Model

Fiona Lee Vintage Series 3 : Model

Sleek Magazine (Berlin) Shoot : Model

Fiona Lee Vintage Series 4 : Model ...
Love them so much! thinks that you're a brilliant model! You're just the right model for this project! ??

L'Officiel : India : Model

Sua Photo Shoot "Invisible" : Model

Flewid Magazine (Italy) Editorial : Model

Buffalo Kline : Gucci Special : Model

TV & Reality



The Wright Stuff

Granny Rave : CBBC

Focus group for Commercial airline advert

Pop Up Apps Exhibition at Glass Room

Channel 4 "Buy it Now" new TV show

Thames TV "Take Me Out" Special

Nimble Dragon Kitchen : Channel 4

My Money Makeover

Moving on TV (Community) YouTube

Guardian Newspaper Campaign : BA

BBC Britain's Got Talent : Critique

George P Johnson Experience : BA

kream Movin Image:Interviewee/model

Stephen Coll :Words of Wisdom/actress

TV Ad : Yamaha : Actress

TV Ad : Greggs : Actress

TV Ad : A Matter of Time : Actress

Greggs Bake TV Campaign : Actress

The Fawcett Society TV Ad : Actress

Harriet Noble Editorial : Actress/Model

Pearl & Bernard:TV film : Lead Actress

ITV Take Me Out Over 50's:Contestant

Charity Casting: Participant


Dancing ability



TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English

  • UK English

I do not have any presenting experience but have a "Can Do" attitude and am happy to give it a go. I am a positive and energetic person and a mentor to many Starnow talents. I motivate and encourage everyone I meet to make the most of whatever abilities they have. everybody has something to offer however small.

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