Glen Mortimer

Actor, Extra, Model, Teacher / Choreographer

Bolton, United Kingdom
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  • Stirling Management Actors Agency


Television, Neville, CORONATION STREET, ITV, John Anderson
Television, The Beadle, JONATHAN STRANGE & MR NORRELL, BBC, Toby Haynes
Television, Murphy, KILLING THE TRUTH, Nine Lives Media, Robin Anderson
Television, Barry, NIGHTMARE IN SUBURBIA, Nine Lives Media, Phil Niland
Television, Mike Gurney, CRIMES THAT SHOOK BRITAIN, HAROLD SHIPMAN STORY., Title Role Productions, Mike Lehan
Television, George, ALWAYS & EVERYONE, ITV, James Hawes
Television, Custody Officer (cameo), AT HOME WITH THE BRAITHWAITES, Yorkshire TV, Robin Shepperd
Television, Jailer, A TOUCH OF FROST (FULL SERIES), Yorkshire TV, Paul Harrison
Television, Police Officer (cameo), HEARTBEAT, Yorkshire TV, Brian Farnham
Television, Dingle Brother (featured), EMMERDALE, Yorkshire TV
2016, Ident, Lead, TRANSLINE, Brickhouse, Gino Evans
2015, Short Film, Paramedic, SERVING OUR COMMUNITY, Brain Candy Films, Ashley Allen
2014, Stage, Lurcio, UP POMPEII, BLT, Harlod Smith
2014, Short Film, Tommy (Lead), CARBOOTY (RTS AWARD WINNER), Manchester Met, Amy McIntyre
2013, Short Film, Dave Shaw, NO PROMISES, Vigilante Films, Steven Hutchinson
Stage, Landlord, TWO, Manchester Lowry Theatre (Studio 1)
Feature Film, Jack, SEEING SMOKE, Pensive Penguin Productions
2012, Short Film, Ben (Lead), KASSIA, Vigilante Flims, Steven Hutchinson
Viral, Voice Over, DARTS CORNER, Pensive Penguin Productions
Film, Greg, SWEET SNOGS THE MOVIE, Pensive Penguin Productions
Stage, Various, STIRLING MANAGEMENT SHOWCASE, Stirling management
Stage, Pop Larkin, THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY, BLT, Harold Smith
Commercial, Lead Role, LENOR, Production International
Commercial, Lead Role, EXPRESS DARIES, Equinox
Commercial, Lead Role, DFS FURNITURE, Equinox
Commercial, Lead Role, WEBSTERS YORKSHIRE BITTER, Waldron Henry & Thompson
Viral, Mike, SPEED KILLS, JOB Productions, Steven Hutchinson
Stage, Sydney, KAFKAS DICK, BLT, Harold Smith
Stage, Rene, ALLO ALLO, BLT, Various
Stage, Herb, GODSPELL, Manchester Lowry Theatre

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