StarNow Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are members who are here to share their tips and tricks and help other StarNow members navigate the entertainment industry.

Head to our Instagram, Facebook and Blog for their latest advice, or feel free to follow and get in contact with them by visiting their profiles below.

Actor Andrea
Andrea, Victoria, Australia

Andrea is an accomplished actor, having studied at The Howard Fine Acting Institute and has a plethora of credits to her name. She's also an experienced model, singer and saxophonist.

Actor Faye
Faye, London, UK

Faye has a wealth of experience in both acting and modelling. She’s even worked as a stand-in for Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman!

Model Nakita
Nakita, Western Australia, Australia

Nakita is a talented dancer and up-and-coming model, who somehow manages to juggle all her extra-curricular activities with her school work.

Actor Jordan
Jordan, Wellington, New Zealand

Jordan is a prolific actor and is well known in the New Zealand entertainment industry. He’s also worked extensively in film production and as a photographer.

Model Fern
Fern, Queensland, Australia

Fern is a successful model and YouTuber. She knows how to create great content and hustle, hustle, hustle.

Actor Jamie
Jamie, Victoria, Australia

Jamie is a full time acting student and stars on Australia TV series ‘Counter Play’. She knows how to work the camera, having modelled for many major brands.

Actor Pari
Pari, Queensland, Australia

Pari is a passionate actor and experienced model. With multiple credits to her name, she’s committed to honing her craft.

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