Common questions

How does StarNow keep members safe?

Our vision is to make casting simple, safe and accessible.

To keep us on track with this, our number one 
value and daily mantra is this: "Our members' safety and success is our success".

While the majority of people have good intentions and are trustworthy, the entertainment industry is full of challenges, and we want StarNow to be a safe space to navigate the industry. Here are some of the things we do to help keep our members safe:

  • We have a Customer Success team working 7 days a week, checking the content of every casting call on StarNow.

  • We don't publish every casting call submitted to us; when appropriate, we ask questions, request background information, and refuse to publish casting calls that don't meet our community guidelines

  • We often add a ‘StarNow note for talent’ to listings with extra context for talent, e.g. whether the advertiser is new to the industry, or if you’ll be able to view previous examples of their work.

  • We refuse to publish casting calls for pornography or for any adult content, or to provide our service to anyone working in/associated with the adult industry.

  • We have a very strict policy regarding nudity for performers, and accept a very limited number of carefully vetted roles in paid professional productions.  

  • We don't tolerate spamming, unfair fees for talent, or sales pitches directed at performers, and we remove any member or casting that looks suspicious or violates our strict guidelines.

  • Messaging through our system is restricted to the topic of jobs and auditions only – anything unrelated is removed.

  • We except professional projects to be paid, and often push back on advertisers trying to place unpaid projects to let them know they will need to pay.

  • We have a ‘report’ button on the bottom of every listing – if you see something that worries you, let us know and we will investigate right away  

  • We use sophisticated software to help us moderate content, and keep unwanted material and people off our website

  • We are members of Netsafe, New Zealand’s leading online safety organisation, and are pleased to be seen as experts on the topic of safety, with our COO speaking at their 2018 online safety conference.  

  • We have relationships with agencies around the world to help us maintain best practise on cutting edge safety practises and liaise with authorities including The Met Police, CEOP, ACORN and NZ Police.

  • Our frontline team receive regular Trust & Safety training, including visiting a victim support centre and completing a test that assesses their understanding of the Privacy Act.

It's important to note that no screening system is perfect. We're constantly refining how we work, our approach to meet the needs of our community, and making improvements wherever we can.

We also provide a large range of Trust & Safety resources, to help our community look after themselves and each other, and encourage them to let us know if they spot anything out of the ordinary that may require review.


Education matters!

We strongly recommend that all members read our online and audition safety tips. Our number one tip: trust your instincts and use your judgement. If something doesn't look or feel right, don't do it.


Everyone can help

We have an amazing community that speak up if they are worried by anything they see on site.
If you see a casting that seems fake or is offensive in any way, please contact us and we will act immediately. We take complaints very seriously.


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