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Editing your info & privacy settings

Advertiser profiles – what information you can include, and who can see it, when!

Our talent have long had profiles to showcase their skills and tell other users more about themselves.

Advertisers can now add relevant information to their profiles, and choose for some information to be displayed on a small ‘listing detail’ card at the bottom of each of their casting calls.

We're passionate about bringing more transparency into online casting, to support member safety & allow our advertisers to promote themselves to members.

We strongly recommend you include information about your skills and experience to help attract the right talent for you. Whether you're a film school student or a professional Casting Director, we want to know!


What is shown on my ‘listing detail’ card?

  • Your name
  • Your ‘About Me’ introduction
  • Your role in the industry e.g producer, student
  • Your profile photo/logo
  • Number of recommendations (talent can now click through to read these)
What if I don't want to show this information?

No problem! We know that sometimes castings can be confidential. You can choose to make your profile private, by heading to ‘Settings’ and updating your privacy options. The card on your listings will then show a ‘private’ message instead of information noted above.

Note, talent will still be able to see the following:

  • Number of recommendations
  • Number of previous listings
  • Whether you are email verified
  • Whether you are Facebook verified
  • Your location and how long you have been a member of StarNow.
What if I use StarNow to cast and as a performer as well?

You're able to note more than one skill on your profile, e.g. ‘Producer, Actor’.
Your Intro Summary should note all your skills – for now, you cannot create one intro for casting and another for performing.

Is my entire profile, including experience/photos etc visible in public?

No. The listing detail card doesn't include a direct link to your individual profile page. However, you can send the URL link to your profile to anyone you'd like to view it.

Note: you can set your profile to private at any time, and it will not be able to be viewed.

How do I set my profile to private?

Head to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy Options’.


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