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Worthing, United Kingdom
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172 cm / 5ft 8in
over 120 kg / 264 lbs
White / Caucasian
119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
131 cm / 52 in
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Credits & experience

  • Fleet St. Daily Sketch. Pinewood Film Studio's. Creative Photographic Pictures. : Photographer, Director, Casting Director, Promotional & Publicity Photographer
  • Self Employed. own company Creative Photographic Pictures. : Promotion & Publicity Photographer. Hye-Fye Music. Photographic Record Sleeves. Doing publicity shoots of Bands and Solo Artists.
  • Daily Sketch. Fleet St. EC1 : Mallisons School of Photographic Technowlgy
  • Barnsley Collage of Technowledgy.Pinewood Film Studio's. 1956-1959. Creative Photographic Pictures : Promotion & Publicity Photographer. Hye-Fye Music. Photographic Record Sleeves. Doing publicity shoots of Bands and Solo Artists.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

Keith was trained at Pinewood Film Studio's as a Publicity and Promotional Photographer.
Barbara made 12 major films; including Battle of Britain, Star, Blind Corner, Billion Dollar Brain, Virgin Soldier, Interlude, to name a few.
On retirement they work together Promoting new girls into the business of Modelling, Models are created from good quality stock.
If you want to do high fashion you had better be a minimum height of 5ft 8ins. or 170cms. tall. Having said that there are many openings
for shorter models. We are signing new models now to prepare for the new on coming year. Contact us NOW±±

Keith and Barbara met on an advertising shoot in September1962 and were married on February 14th 1963 and are still together today.


I was trained at Pinewood Film studio's in Promotion & Publicity Photography. Taking pictures of unknown or little known wanna-be actors like, Sylvia Sims, Joan Collins and Diana Dors and a lot who did not make it. I have worked with Barbara Winsor, Dave King, Jack Hawkins, Eric Winston. I promoted my wife from film extra to 2nd support actress in over a dozen major films. I had my own business with my wife from 1964 to 2000 doing Promotion & Publicity for Entertainers, Cabaret Artists, Dancers, Models and Actors.

I have a good knowledge of design although never trained but I can flow with ideas. I have a fair share of success, I was given an award by The Professional Photographers of America Coffee Table Books. In America this is a high achievement.

And now, the studio has gone but I still work, when I want to, taking pictures for, Advertising, Newspapers, Magazines, Designers and Printers
I spent the last 20 years travelling the world from New York to Hong Kong, taking photographic Images. I'm now in the process of creating my own Picture library, but first of all I have to stop this Corona Virus getting in my way. I know the government are trying but I am not sure they are winning. We need a way to kill it off altogether then we would not need a vaccine.

So, if anyone wants a booster to their career or is just starting out you now know where to come and you will be amazed at my fees.


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

Photography website

Things have changed quite a bit over the last few years and I have become much more picky when it comes to assignments I take on. I am
still doing work with Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising, Publicity and Promotional, I am also concentrating on wall prints, posters, calendars and giftware products, photo-images on plates, bags, T.shirts, mouse mats, table mats, coasters and a whole lot of things. This
way I can work when I feel like it. If it's raining I can work on my computer and if the weather is good I get outside.

When photographing for Newspapers, Magazines and Advertising, I do not photograph you personally. I endeavour to create an everyday
scene with you in it. You may be recognisable or not. Your job will be to enhance the entire picture, give it life. These clients pay big money
consequently they demand the best. Most people who are new to this scene, who do not have a lot of experience do most things naturally.
The best shots are invariably taken on the streets where ordinary people just do things naturally. Over the years photographers have dominated the posing of a model to a point where the person in font of the camera cannot do anything unless told how to pose. Much like
actors who cannot hold a conversation without a script. The problem with photographing in the streets, most people don't mind you taking their photograph but they will not sign a Model Release Form. You must be prepared to sign a release form.

How it Works. You will start out as if you are working on a Time for Print basis. I will give you any pictures you require for your Promotion
and Publicity. I will even take some prints of you just for that situation. I will even help you with your promotion and publicity. The best
of the pictures I take of you will be sent to our clients in the hope that they can use it and are willing to pay for it. Photographs are charged
on initial size to be used, how often it is used or number of prints they want to take from it. Where it is to be printed and a couple of other minor attributes. Payment for one picture can be £500/£600 occasionally a picture can go into thousands but very, very few. One picture
can fetch 50p but will be used 20,000 times. One picture can sell over a period of time over and over again to all different clients. You will
be paid every time we sell a picture of you, taken by us, from 10% up to a maximum of 40% of what we are paid, after any picture agencies
fees have been taken.

If you would like to work with me send me your, statistics and anything you think I should know that tells me why I should work with you. The fact that your Nan thinks you are fantastic will not really cut the mustard. I will need to see a couple of photographs of you, preferably one portrait and one full length. I have no Nationality, Age, Size, Shape or Religious requirements but enthusiasm will go a long way. We are recruiting between; Now and the 2nd week of May 2018. This is a great opportunity to get into modelling or to give your career a boost, if you like you can bring a friend, your mum, your nan, nan's always like to come to this type of thing. You never know we may finish up shooting the two of you together. You can still work with other photographers. If you have questions please ask them but if you have to ask, "How do we know you will pay us?" please do not apply.


Looking forward to hearing from you and assuring you of my very best attention at all times,

Keith Sutcliffe.


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