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Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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The Foes | Short Film

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SNUG Animation 1

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Video for Audition

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Leanne budd

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Patient b

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MADFT Portfolio LIYan

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How Are You, Dad?

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Another Choice

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Physical Details

167 cm / 5ft 6in
96 cm / 38in
70 kg / 154 lbs
Dress size:
UK, AUS 10 / US 6
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
91 cm / 36 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
75 cm / 30 in
Hair type:


  • The Unthinkable : Director and producer
  • The Unthinkable : Jade Hopkins
  • The Unthinkable : Writter
  • The foes : Eleanor foe
  • Stalked : Lead female
  • PTSD after birth : Mother -Lead female
  • Three minutes : Emily - lead female
  • Patient B : Beatrice - lead female
  • Grillking short film : Emma - lead female
  • Music video - Papaya : Lead actress
  • How to survive a decent date - comedy : Actress
  • Voices short film : Julie - actress
  • Lost identity : Lead actress
  • 30 minute radio cover : Female voice
  • SMUG : Lead actress
  • Broken : Writer
  • Forever and a day James Bond : Moneypenny
  • Forget : Leah - Lead actress
  • Broken : Charlie johnson - Lead actress
  • The sith : Lola - Actress
  • The dead girlfriend : Emily - Voiceover
  • catalyst : supporting artist


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

Eleanor Foe in a film based on as true story March 2018

Lead actress in a short film called grill king October - Emma

Actress in a feature film called forever and a day James Bond October - money penny

Lead actress in a short film called forget about bullying September- Leah

Lead actress in a 30 minute thriller called broken August - Charlie -September 2017

Actress in a film called the secret - not speaking role July 2017

Actress in a short film called voices friend of lead actress - speaking role July 2017

Voice over for a feature film called the dead girlfriend July 2017

Extra in the film catalyst with Elizabeth Cassidy July 2017

Actress in a short film called.. the sith - speaking role June 2017

actress in a short sci fi film . Including stunt work - speaking role June 2017

voice over for a radio cover June 2017

Lead Actress in a short film advertising a new app SMUG June 2017

Actress in a short comedy on dating -
Speaking role may 2017

Lead actress in a music video for a hip hop group may 2017

I went to acting classes at swish of the curtain for a few years when I was younger I also did drama in secondary school I have been an actress in a short film comedy about dating


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Bridal shoot September be 2017

Photo shoot air imagery photography August 2017

Photo shoot done air imagery photography June 2017

I have had a photo shoot done in 2015


Keyboard ability


Favourite genres
  • Classical
  • Country

I have been playing piano for 17 years I taught myself I can not read music but I learn by ear

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Directing & Writing ability


Lighting ability


Sound Crew ability


Runner or Assistant ability


I have written a short thriller called hostage which will be around 20 minutes long . Filming will start early next year November 2017

I have written a full length comedy which will be around 1 hour 45 mins . Filming will start from early 2018 November 2017

I have written a script for a short film for rape awareness 2017

I have written a 30 minute thriller called broken which has now been filmed
May 2017 - November 2017

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Hair Styling ability


Makeup Artist ability


I studied hairdressing at Bournemouth College

Passed my level 2 diploma in hairdressing .

Passed my level 3 diploma in hairdressing .

I've had 8 years experience with hair

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