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Actor, Extra, Model, Dancer, Teacher / Choreographer

New South Wales, Australia
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When U Say Nothing At All - Libby Cover

01When U Say Nothing At All - Libby Cover
02mama's Song - Liberty Cover
03Turning Tables - Liberty Cover

Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
50 kg / 110 lbs
White / Caucasian
86 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
63 cm / 25 in
93 cm / 37 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Kids Mantra : Party Entertainer
  • Music Video (Travis Collins) : You Wreck Me (Actor)
  • Arthur Murray Dance Studio : Ballroom Dance Instructor
  • Kids Mantra : Elf Entertainer
  • TV2 (Pump It Up!) : Demonstrator
  • Secta Training : (Bodyguard Documentary) Actor
  • Love you Like that (Glasshouse Productions) : (Feature Film) Extra
  • Fit Affinity Infomercial : Consumer Review
  • Kerry Howell Makeup Artistry : Model
  • The Genesian Theatre : Ladies in Black (Fay)
  • Star Bar (Sass Studios) : Podium Dancer
  • Expansive Films (Short Film) : In the Half Light
  • Music Video (Crosson Album) : X 3 Singles (Dancer)
  • The Bollywood Mantra : Guest Entertainer/Dancer
  • The Argyle (Sass Studios) : Podium Dancer
  • Getting Appy Stills/Video Shoot : Actor
  • TAFTA : American Accent Course
  • Redfern Acting Studio : Emma Langley Masterclass
  • Highlands Inn Commercial : Actor
  • Redfern Acting Studio : Marcus Graham Workshop
  • Howard Fine Masterclass
  • Music video (Kid Blue) : Ed Sheeran (Actor)
  • Star Bar (Sass Studios) : Podium Dancer
  • The Actors Station : Les Chantery Ongoing series
  • 16th Street : Larry Moss Masterclass
  • Music Video (Jean) : Throw This Away (Actor)
  • Australian Film Base (Short Film) : Coward (Lead)
  • TVC (Paper Pen Co.) : Actress
  • The Hub Studio : Darren Gilshenan Comedy Masterclass
  • Music Video (Vander and the People) : Victorious (Actor)
  • Jungle Bar (Sass Studios) : Podium Dancer
  • Kevin Bawa : Video Shoot - Setting representing personality
  • Kyle&Jackieo 106.5fm NYE Event : Podium Dancer
  • Music Video (The Nerve Ensemble) : Serenity (Supporting Actor)
  • Jungle Bar Halloween event : Podium Dancer
  • AFTT (Short Film) : Passive Aggressive (Lead)
  • Music Video (Keely Johnson) : Cowboys & Angels (Supporting Actor)
  • NCC Fashion : Fit Model
  • Village Roadshow : The Nun VR Shoot (talent)
  • The Hub Studio : George Konstand 'Branding' Workshop
  • Holiday Inn Express : Commercial Print (model)
  • The Actors Station : Les Chantery 4 Week Intensive Course
  • The Hub Studio : Andrew Hofman Workshop
  • Music Video (Peta Mai) : After You (Supporting Actor)
  • The Regals Musical Society : Rock of Ages (featured dancer)
  • MacArthur Clinical School : Medical RolePlay - Improvisational Re-enactment
  • Music Video (Steve Cheers) : Now's the Time to Let it Go (Lead Actor)
  • SAE Short Film : Sweet and Sour (Lead)
  • Short Film (Finnian Griffin) : Be Gone, Bygone (Support)
  • SAE (Short Film) : A-void (Indie, Lead)
  • UTS (Short Film) : Destitute in Inconvenience (Lead)
  • Deepforce Productions (Short Film) : Through my Lens (Lead)
  • AFTT (Short Film) : Breakfast (Lead)
  • 16th Street Acting Studio : P.E.M Workshop
  • The Hub Studio : Angela Ford Workshop
  • TAFTA : John Orcsik Screen Acting Masterclass
  • The Hub Studio : Philip Quast 8 week Intensive Acting Course
  • Cinema commercial for Taxi's : Lead Role
  • NIDA Audition : Acheived 2nd round (200/1800 auditionees) for Full time Bachelor of Acting Course
  • TAFTA : Peter Andrikidis Screen Acting Masterclass
  • Peter and the Starcatcher : Molly Aster (Leading Female)
  • 16th Street Acting Studio : Larry Moss Masterclass
  • KPFC Productions (short film) : The Final Blow (Leading Role)
  • Sydney Screen Acting Group (SSAG) : 8 week Intensive Screen Acting Course
  • Belvoir Street (Seventeen) : Workshop as 'Muse' for Cast
  • Globe Theatre Workshop : Shakespeare Course
  • National Theatre Workshop : Leban & Lecoq Technique Course
  • Pigs Fly Productions : Choreographer (Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Pigs Fly Productions : Chiffon (Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Macbeth : Hecate (Leading Witch)
  • Harp in the South : Roie (Leading Female)
  • Alex and Eve (feature film) : Extra
  • Pigs Fly Productions : Gwendolen Fairfax (The Importance of Being Earnest)
  • Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) : Acting Course
  • Music Video : Crazy Assassin
  • New & Used Productions : Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)
  • KPFC Productions (Short Film) : Jumping to Conclusions (Leading Role)
  • Highlands Theatre Group : Abigail Williams (The Crucible)
  • New & Used Productions : Jester (Once Upon a Mattress)
  • Newtown High School of the Performing Arts : Drama Course
  • Goddess (feature film) : Extra
  • Magic Box Productions : Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Highlands Theatre Group : Ngana (South Pacific)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Ignite Elite Artists

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
  • Indian

In conjunction with the following credits I have graduated one of the most acclaimed High Schools in the state (Newtown Performing Arts). For 6 years I received consistent training for many hours a week and increased my skill level in areas such as: Shakespeare, Greek Mask, Stanislavski, Laban, Lecoq, Verbatim and Improvisation to mention a few.

I also participated in the Theatresports challenge across the state, in which my group achieved the Finals round. Therefore I have thorough experience and techniques in Improvisation.

Feature Films

Alex and Eve - Directed by Peter Andrikidis (Wedding Patron)
Goddess - Directed by Mark Lamprell (Shop Customer)


Top of the Lake - Directed by Jane Campion (School Girl)

Short Films

Australian Film Base (lead) - Coward
Expansive Films (Minor Role) - In the Half Light
AFTT (lead) - Passive Aggressive
SAE (lead) - Sweet and Sour
Finnish Griffin (support) - Be Gone, Bygone
SAE (Lead) - A-void
UTS (Lead) - Destitute In Inconvenience
Deepforce Productions (Lead) - Through My Lens
AFTT (Lead) - Breakfast
KPFC productions (Lead) - Jumping to Conclusions
KPFC productions (Lead) - The Final Blow


The Importance of Being Earnest - Gwendolen Fairfax (Pigs Fly Productions)
The Crucible - Abigail Williams (HTG Productions)
Harp in the South - Roie
Journey Around My Father - young girl
Macbeth - Hecate
Midsummer Nights Dream - Titania
Dancing at Lugnasa - Kate
Peter and the Star catcher - Molly
Stock characters - Cheerleader
Butterfly Effect - Maggie
Unhand me squire - Narrator
Masked Death - Chorus
Boy meets Girl - Julie

Musical Theatre

Ladies In Black - Fay (The Genesian Theatre)
Rock of Ages - featured Dancer (The Regals Musical Society)
Little Shop of Horrors - Chiffon (Pigs Fly Productions)
Alice in Wonderland - Alice (Magic Box Productions)
The Little Mermaid - Sebastian (New & Used Productions)
South Pacific - Ngana (HTG Productions)
Once Upon a Mattress - Jester
Alladin - Narrator
Sleeping Beauty - Bird
The Wizard of oz - Ensemble
Rocky monster show - Ensemble
Disco Inferno - Ensemble

Music Videos
You Wreck Me (Travis Collins) - Supporting Rold
Rock n’ Roll Love Affair Album x3 Singles (Crosson) - Dancer
Ed Sheeran (Kid Blue) - Supporting Role
Throw this Away (Jean) - Leading Role
Victorious (Vander & the People) - Supporting Role
Serenity (the Nerve Ensemble) - Supporting Role
Cowboys and Angels (Keely Johnson) - Supporting Role
After You (Peta Mai) - Supporting Role
Crazy Assassin (Yannick Koffi) - Leading Role
Now's the Time to Let it Go (Steve Cheers) - Leading Role


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Winter Portraits - Goran Photography
Flower art Portraits - Rebecca Mira Photography
Red Material Symbolism shoot - Goran Photography
Partner Boudoir Shoot - Khon Enam Photography
Online/Social Media Tutorial - Kerry Howell
Suburb like your personality video/stills - Kevin Bawa
Nightlight shoot - Jonty Gardner
Forest flower Shoot - Nigel Unsworth (group photoshoot)
Leading Model in Music Video - Serenity (the Nerve Ensemble)
Sexy old fashion - Ozan Fikri
Wonder Woman Shoot - Phil Warder
NCC Fashion - Fit Model
Holiday Inn Express - corporate photoshoot
Steampunk Shoot - Nigel Unsworth (Group Photoshoot)
Edgy/samurai warrior Shoot - Richard Chang
Leading Model in Music Video - After You (Peta Mai)
Winter Shoot - Phil Warder
Pole Fitness Shoot - Phil Warder
Cowgirl Theme - Phil Warder
Harley Quinn - Tien Enga
Cosplay Catwoman Theme - Phil Warder
Autumn Fashion Group Workshop - Nigel Unsworth
Autumn Theme - Phil Warder
Leading model in music video - Now's The Time to Let it go (Steve Cheers)
Glamour dress - Phil Warder
Urban Theme - Lisa Photography
Ripped Jeans - Phil Warder Photography
Fantasy - Luke Thurlby Photography
Street Dance - Krishna Visawanathan
Actor Headshots - Amy Benjamin
Motor Bike Photoshoot - Neil Fletcher
City/Urban Group Photoshoot - Thrill Seekers Photography (Daniel JH Seo)
Flower Garden and Floating/magic style Photoshoot - Neil Fletcher
Summer style Photoshoot - Dave Sheerman
Action/Business/Horror Photoshoot - Neil Fletcher
Boudoir Photoshoot - Ozan Fikri
Country style Photoshoot - Neil Fletcher
City Street Photoshoot - Gayan Photography
Actor Headshots - Isabelle Creative Media
Implied nudity/native themed photoshoot - Amieal Photography
Leading Model in music video - Crazy Assassin
Mcdonalds - point of sale
Comedy Inc
NAB commercial
Robitussin cough medicine - magazine
kleenex toilet paper

TV & Reality



Dancing ability


Teaching or Choreography ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Bollywood
  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Latin American
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa
  • Swing
  • Tango
  • Hip Hop

Ballroom Dancing Teacher at Arthur Murray Dance Studio 2020
Pole Dancing Teacher at Achieve Pole Studio 2019
Pole Dancing Teacher at All Sorts Fitness and Well-being Centre 2019
Pole Dancing Teacher at Highlands Health Club 2017-2018
Training in Contemporary & Ballet - Newtown High School of Performing Arts (3 years)
Crosson Rock Band - backup dancer/singer 2019
Podium Dancer - Star Bar September 2019
Dancer/Entertainer - Bollywood Mantra 2019
Podium Dancer - The Argyle 2019
Podium Dancer - Star Bar June 2019
Rock of Ages (musical) - Dancer 2018
Podium Dancer - Jungle Bar Mardi Gras 2019
Podium Dancer - Kyle&Jackieo 106.5fm NYE
Podium dancer - Jungle Bar gig 2018
The Wizard of Oz (musical) - Dancer
Disco Inferno (musical) - Dancer
Rocky Monster Show (musical) - Dancer
Little Shop of Horrors (musical) - 2016
Choreographer (won CAT award)
Little Shop of Horrors (musical) - Dancer
Pole Perfect Studios - Burlesque/Pole (1 year)
DanceKool Studio - Hiphop (1 year)

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