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Producer/Director for Feature Length Movie

Producer/Director for Feature Length Movie

Wellington, NZ. Apply from all NZ.
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We are in search of a Producer/Director to film scenes or possibly a trailer for our screenplay in order to give us more material to eventually market our concept. Below is a synopsis of the screenplay:

When a carefree delinquent becomes student body president, he must unite with his fellow seniors to outwit a ruthless county cop and save his failing small-town high school.

It’s September 1999, and 17-year-old cigarette addict Travis “Bean” Berkeley has only recently begun to wonder if he will someday end up on Welfare. He is one of only five members of Ashburn Public Schools’ senior class of 2000, and his school has long-since been run into the ground by its conniving yet incompetent superintendent, Dr. Peck, with a strong assist from the school’s negligent “head of maintenance”— a nameless, homeless man best described as the Wretch—who also happens to be Bean’s role model and mentor.

But when we first meet Bean, his only real concerns are fine-tuning his backyard wrestling skills and chain-smoking cigarettes with his anti-social classmate Julian. Meanwhile, their three fellow seniors deal with their own concerns: self-proclaimed class leader Heather struggles to motivate Bean and Julian to participate in class functions while also hoping to convince her popular yet unenthusiastic classmate Katie to run with her in the upcoming student council election. Katie, however, is preoccupied by her clingy ex-boyfriend Peter’s unwanted advances. Peter, once Ashburn’s senior varsity all-star, has just recently stepped away from his team due to its growing abuse of prescription stimulants, and his only desire now is to have Katie back in his life.

Then, one fateful Friday morning, Bean and Julian make a critical error when they go out of their way to aggravate Katie. Shortly after, Katie accepts Heather’s offer to run for student council
and, using this new-found alliance as leverage, manages to manipulate Bean, Julian, and Peter into sticking themselves with the repugnant duty of selling concessions at sporting events for the
rest of the year. In spite of this, however, Peter begins to warm up to Bean and Julian after they discover an abandoned bunker beneath the concession stand and attend a raucous house party.

But then Bean and Julian learn that their cigarette dealer has been snitched on by an unknown student informant, forcing them to seek other means of securing their nicotine fix. Needing funds
to purchase tobacco from a sketchy auction website, Bean seeks the Wretch’s counsel, who recommends he run for student council so he can embezzle from its treasury. Bean convinces Julian and Peter to run with him, and together they defeat Heather and Katie, take control of the student council, and misspend every dime of its funds on contraband and junk.

Meanwhile, the Class of 2000’s small size and grim prospects post-graduation have become a central talking point as Dr. Peck faces a renewed push from the community to close the school.
The trio eventually discovers from Peck that they will need to account for the missing money on a tight deadline, so they hatch a plan to sell their bootleg cigarettes at a Halloween house party.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

No Dates Set.

Job payment

Payment TBC


Needs to either be a student in film or have previous experience directing.

Anyone, aged 18 and over

Applications closed 1 January 2020.

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