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BLUFF - Student Short Film

BLUFF - Student Short Film

Preston, UK. Apply from all UK.
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Five players, one room. When a group of gamblers discover a dead body in the middle of their game of Texas Hold’Em, they must weed out the killer before they face the same fate.

Short thriller set in a private casino room.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Shooting will be the 12th, 13th and 14th of January 2021

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - Student film

Expenses paid - Travel costs and food

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

All advertisers agree to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act and are responsible for defining the nature of their production and any payment requirements. Find out more.


Chris is an overcompensating confident and aggressive person, deep down he is just a little boy; in way over his head. He’s secretly very sensitive, yet he masks it with his bitterness. He comes off as a volatile kind of man. He’s very politically incorrect in all senses of the way, yet it comes off as microaggressions rather than outright racism, homophobia etc. He takes care of his appearance and is the type of man to wear too much cologne.

Male, aged 30 to 40

  • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Applications closed 26 November 2020.


Whilst he is Chris’ best friend, he is more conscious of his actions and how people perceive him. His friendship with Chris is a strong one, yet Chris’ actions are making him doubt how much longer they will last; he disagrees with most things he does/says yet is too quiet to make a fuss out of it. He is a clean and pristine man, and has a lot more luck with the ladies compared to Chris. He is genuinely sensitive and tries his best to do good, despite everything.

Male, aged 30 to 40

  • Ethnicity: Black / African descent

Applications closed 26 November 2020.


Al has a particularly snaky wit about him, and he has a very cold energy towards most he meets. He thinks that he is genuinely better than anyone he has met. He see’s all women as objects, including Helen, at the end of the day he only cares about himself. He is deep into the gambling game and takes it very seriously, he isn’t one to joke about.

Male, aged 40 to 50

Applications closed 26 November 2020.


A glamorous woman who knows exactly who she is. She cares about Al, she doesn’t want to admit it to herself because she believes it will make her weak. To Helen, her appearance and her femininity are her weapons. But don’t be fooled she’s a cunning and manipulative woman. She is quite reserved, and only likes to speak when she has something to say. She has a moody face or a ‘RBF’ and tends to give away her emotions with her facial expression.

Female, aged 21 to 35

  • Ethnicity: Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander, Black / African descent , Chinese, Eurasian / Pan Asian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Latinx / Hispanic, Māori, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern , Native American , Pacific Islander , Pakistani, South Asian, White / Caucasian , Other

Applications closed 26 November 2020.


Whilst he is the head of the table, and seemingly the most intimidating, he isn’t necessarily a bad man. He has power and control, but isn’t greedy or malicious about it. He has earned his place at the table and everyone respects that. He is a respectful and charming gentleman, and enjoys keeping things fair. He has a renowned presence in the area they are all from.

Male, aged 55 to 68

  • Ethnicity: Latinx / Hispanic, Mediterranean, White / Caucasian

Applications closed 26 November 2020.


She is intelligent and reserved, yet very humorous. The waitress is an observant character and is very aware of her surroundings, as she is excellent at reading people. She wants to take back from the people who take from her, she can ‘justify’ her actions. She isn’t flashy but enjoys putting time and effort into her appearance. She is softly spoken and rather forgettable at times, but she enjoys to use that to her advantage.

Female, aged 21 to 30

Applications closed 26 November 2020.


Teddy has a big heart and tries his best to do good. He is an excellent liar and is very deceiving. He cares about his job and is very professional, he does work hard despite betraying Ernie at the end. He cares a lot about waitress, not necessarily in a romantic way as it’s more platonic. He’s a cleanly dressed man and looks like he would smell good.

Male, aged 25 to 40

  • Ethnicity: Black / African descent

Applications closed 26 November 2020.

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