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Voice Actors for Pirate Themed Comedy Show

Voice Actors for Pirate Themed Comedy Show

Job can be done from home worldwide
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We are in need of voice actors for the role of Luigi, Hugo, Elly, Katya, O'Ranga, Martha and Bindi.

Here are ideas to keep in mind when reprising the roles:

Luigi - blind snake from Italy. He is a former thief hiding out in the ship disguised as a janitor.

Hugo - 100+-year-old Venezuelan Sea turtle who has early-onset dementia. Although he has a problem remembering things, that doesn’t stop him from being a flirty and romantic chef!

Elly - Musician alligator from the USA. She has a happy-go-lucky personality, yet very laid back

Katya - Our darling, fashionista wolf from Russia. She's the classy one in the whole crew. Her interests include literature and fashion!

O'Ranga - Orangutan carpenter from Borneo. She is very passionate about building. Ranga is deaf and communicates through sign language. She is also very timid.

Martha - a great GREY PARROT, Martha sits regally on Captain Abel’s shoulder and is basically his right hand. She hails from England, comes from a well-to-do family, and speaks the King’s English. Martha has Tourette's syndrome, and sometimes her ticks aren't the most sophisticated things to hear!

Bindi - Bindi is a bat from Vietnam. She is the villain's right hand. Her partner Ray, is the brawn while Bindi is the brains.

This is our first project and we are still inexperienced and so we are seeking voice actors with their own microphones. We have a script that we can send for actors interested in auditioning.

They will be starring in a whole animated comedy show called the Ability Crew, which is about a rag-tag group of twelve pirates from around the world who have different disabilities.

We are very passionate about this idea and hope to promote inclusivity and promote a diverse range of representation for people with a disability.

Job payment

Payment TBC - To be discussed

O'Ranga, an orangutan carpenter from Borneo

Ranga, or O’ranga as her parents call her, is an orang-utan carpenter from Borneo. She loves drawing and building and treats the ship like her baby. Ranga is deaf and communicates through sign language, but not everyone in the crew is fluent. She is also timid, but she can get frustrated when she isn’t understood.

Female, aged 18 and over

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Bindi, the female antagonist bat from Vietnam

Bindi is a bat from Vietnam with very little known about her early life. She’s the evil genius aboard ‘The Unregistered Vehicle’ but pretends to be subservient to Raymond (Stingy Ray) even though she’s really pulling all the strings

Female, aged 18 and over

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