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Wellington, New Zealand
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Writer Director. 20 years in advertising working in NZ, Singapore, Australia, London, and Ireland. Have written and directed hundreds of radio and TV commercials - with NZ legends such as Kevin Smith and Lucy Lawless - even a former Prime Minister. Have also worked with well-known international talent including Michelle Yeo and Shakira. Have won a couple of short film competitions including Mini Movies and Documentary NZ and fairly regularly get audience favourite in the NZ 48hour film fest. Currently freelancing around Wellington and mucking around with various film projects including a couple of music videos. I'm pretty handy when it comes to making models and small props, and I've worked as a makeup artist on a horror film. I can edit in Final Cut and do special effects in After Effects. I can hold a camera and have produced several short videos myself from start to finish including promo pieces for Tuatara and Consumer and a clip for a play that was requested for the NZ Archives.

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