Self Tape Audition Service

Self Tape Audition Service

Leeds, United Kingdom

We have the lights and the cameras. Let us help you.

The best Self Tape Audition - Come to the basement in Leeds

A self-tape is being asked for more and more for auditions, especially since the COVID-19 virus. As the actor you are provided with instructions from casting directors then it is up to you to film, edit, and return it, in place of attending the audition.

Now we know most actors do not have the facilities or expertise to film themselves at their best, but we do. In this way, you are free to concentrate on what happens in front of the camera and not what happens behind it.

How the basement makes a difference:
- We have the lights and cameras
- We can offer to film on the green screen background
- We have professionals to operate the cameras
- We have access to directors and writers that can offer advice
- Free flash drive with every booking for you to take with you

Book a one hour slot today and make the basement work for you.

Contact name:
David Jones

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