Our values

Our values

Our mission:

To be the world's best platform to showcase and cast talent. We're on a mission to make casting simple, safe and accessible. Our values guide us on how we're going to achieve that for our community.

1. Our members' safety and success is our success

Trust & Safety is our number one priority, and we never forget that real people of all ages and stages use StarNow. We make sure our listings are genuine and we share plenty of advice on how to stay safe online and during auditions.

If our members are applying to quality castings and are cast through StarNow, then we're doing our job.

2. We create simple, elegant, and fun experiences

We take the �Don't make me think!' principle seriously, so we focus on making it really fun and easy to use StarNow. We create simple features that look great, and we quickly overcome any obstacles. We are proud to build and manage a great website.

3. We're constantly learning and improving

We love to challenge the status quo. We build innovative features, then tweak and refine them. We learn from the past, but we don't get stuck there. We are a forward-thinking team, and we enjoy creating things and making them better.

4. We're honest, transparent, and together we own the solution

We listen, and we provide the best service we can. If our members have a complaint, we investigate it right away. If they enjoy something, we build on it. If anything goes wrong, we share the responsibility and come up with a solution.

5. We get results through passion, teamwork, and balance

We take pride in what we do and we have fun doing it. Everyone's opinion is treated with respect, and ideas and solutions can come from anywhere in the company.

Goals are important, and we keep an eye on the results. We agree on what we're trying to achieve and work hard as a team to achieve it - without forgetting to have a life outside the office.