Phelim Kelly

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London, United Kingdom


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A great actor and a really fun person. Great to work with!

Recommended for Acting May 14, 2014

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Phelim was great to work with - sincere and professional and with a forename like his, always good for some ice-breaking banter. Thanks very much!

Recommended for TV & Reality Feb 26, 2014

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Phelim is one of the best actors I have worked with so far. Extremely proffesional and enthusiastic. He is definitely easy to work with. My project would look as good as it is if not him. I can personally recommend this person to anybody looking for diverst and experienced actor.

Recommended for Acting Feb 5, 2014

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Great actor, able to bring a range of emotions to the camera. Would definitely work again!

Recommended for Acting Jan 19, 2014

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Absolutely incredible actor. He made our video!

Recommended for Acting Oct 28, 2013

Very professional. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Casting Jul 28, 2013

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Phelim was in our symphonic rock music video. He is very experienced and takes direction very well and is very patient while waiting for scenes and is very easy going.. he also knows how to have fun and was good in the dancing scenes... Phil.... Director.

Recommended for Acting Jul 26, 2013

Such a joy to work with. He is a consummate professional and i wont hesitate to work with him again.

Recommended for Acting May 18, 2013

Lovely man very reliable, would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone

Recommended for Acting Mar 28, 2013

It was an absolute pleasure working with Phelim. He did everything asked of him and I would definitely work with him again! Thanks.

Recommended for Acting Feb 9, 2013

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He is really patient and happy to help :)

Recommended for Acting Feb 6, 2013

I recently worked with Phelim and I can honestly say he's lovely to work with. Very professional and patient with a great sense of humor.

Recommended for Acting Jan 29, 2013

Phelim was highly professional in his approach to his role. A pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Dec 16, 2012

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