Timothy James

Timothy James

New South Wales, Australia


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I worked with Timothy recently on a shoot for web series he had written entitled 'on tic'.timothy is very friend and absolute pleasure to work with. This guy absolutely amazing talented person to work with it.. his brilliant idea as writer, producer , actor like an legend Thanks tim for the chance..preciated it

Recommended for Actor Jan 21, 2018

wonderful talent, keep it up.

Recommended for Actor Jan 11, 2018

I worked with Timothy recently on a shoot for a web series he had written entitled 'On Tic'. Timothy was an absolute pleasure to work with, managing to be both friendly and personable whilst also working diligently to ensure the shoot went as smoothly as possible. Performing as writer, director and actor is no easy feat yet Timothy did it all. I would definitely recommend Timothy for any film project and I hope I get the chance to work with him again in the near future.

Recommended for Casting Dec 10, 2017

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great guy

Recommended for Actor Nov 12, 2017

Timothy is a dedicated actor using many aspects of the theatre

Recommended for Actor Aug 14, 2017

Amazing profile mate! All the best, Tony :-)

Recommended for Actor Jul 31, 2017

Timothy continues to amaze with his wonderful creative gifts . . . . Highly recommended! ; D

Recommended for Actor Oct 31, 2016

Professional and hardworking.

Recommended for Actor Oct 9, 2016

Timothy is reliable, personable and fantastic not only that he has great acting skills and is fantastic and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Sep 13, 2016

Very professional and has a strong screen presence. Takes direction well.

Recommended for Actor Sep 12, 2016

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Highly recommend..Good work.!

Recommended for Model Aug 22, 2016

Awesome and talented!

Recommended for Actor Aug 11, 2016

A muliti-talented guy!

Recommended for Actor Jul 29, 2016

Recommended for Actor May 4, 2016

Timothy is a very talented and professional director. He works well in high pressure environments and is a talented cinematographer. He has an eye for aesthetics and art and also is good at lighting

Recommended for Photographer Nov 29, 2015

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