Yasmine Alice

Actor, Model, Influencer, Singer, Guitarist,… more

London, United Kingdom
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British, American, Turkish Accents

Reading a section from Dogface by Kellie Powell

01British, American, Turkish Accents
02Wandsworth Tonight 05.06.17 Sports News
03Voice Over - Entertainment Commercial
04Voice Over - Mortgage Commercial

Physical Attributes

162 cm / 5ft 4in
55 kg / 121 lbs
Middle Eastern
91 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
60 cm / 24 in
88 cm / 35 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Puro Casting : The Acting Habit
  • Actors Centre : Professional Screen Actors Workshop
  • Bathsheba : Act without acting
  • Actor's Centre : Directors and Actors Workshop with Tim Fywell
  • Actor's Centre : Screen Acting: Be Real and Believable
  • Rebecca Gausnell : Private American accent coaching
  • City Academy : Method Acting - Improvers
  • Actor's Centre : Actioning
  • Actor's Centre : Acting for Film
  • Actor's Centre : Complete Vocal Technique for Actors and Singers
  • Actor's Centre : How to Play Comedy on Screen
  • Actor's Centre : Voice Over One-On-One
  • Actor's Centre : Accent Clinic
  • Actor's Centre : Fundamentals: Core Acting Skills
  • Actor's Centre : Audition Practice on Camera
  • RC Annie : Stage Combat - Intermediate BADC
  • City Lit : Directing for Screen
  • RC Annie : Stage Combat - Standard BADC (High Merit)
  • London Academy of Media, Film and TV : TV Masterclass
  • Pinewood Studios : Presenting Courses
  • MN Academy : On-camera acting training


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Mane And Rose

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • Latin American
  • Middle Eastern

Union memberships
  • Equity


2019, Don Vita in GODMOTHER, a short film by Sipho Padata Chewe
2019, Car Buyer's Friend, Autotrader - Price Indicator Youtube Advert
2019, Soraya, TANGLED, a play by Rayna Cambell debut at the Criterion in West End
2019, Tara, GENIE, Short Film by Naeem Mahmood, ZEMZ Productions & Trailblazer Films
2019, Aisha, Online Commercial, The Stars Group "Where the Best Play, We Are Wiser Ltd, Brick
2019, Student, University of Law Campus Marketing Video
2019, Gym Bunny, MALIBU - The Games Are Coming, FMLY CRTV
2019, Influencer, Be At One - Touch the Sun, The Fitting Room
2019, Friend, Visit Scotland Commercial, Hamblin Imagery
2019, Dancer, Rotate Music Video by RAK-SU, Blindeye Films, James Dearden
2019, Nicole, Capgemini - Calling it Out, Corporate shoot for Pink Squid
2019, Model, Boxpark Wembley Social Media Shoot, BUZZBAR
2019, Host, Bicester Village Recruitment - Internal Corporate Video, Atomized Studios
2019, Girlfriend, Music Video, Jaz Ellington - Don’t Run, Steve Brockerton
2019, Xoey Cass (Lead), HOPLITE CENTURION, Feature Film, Acamas Video, Ed Kirk
2019, Yenge (Lead), THE SCAR, Feature Film, no.where, Noor Afshan Mirza & Brad Butler
2018, Financial Services Professional, PWC - Internal Training Video, Grain Media, Spencer Carpenter
2018, Madison, THE BIG QUESTION, UNRD - Video Game, Brittany-Renée Quinn
2018, Rosario, ROLLING STONES HAVANA MOON, Immersive Theatre, Revive at 5 Studio, Troxy Theatre
2018, Music Video, Barmaid, 3AM - YOU ME AT SIX, Kode Media, Daniel Broadway
2018, Contiki Swiss & Austrian Shoot, Commercial
2018, Viral, Meghan Markle, NS International Dutch Railways - Harry seeks Meghan, Johnny Wonder
2018, Short Film, Lover, THE FLOWER SONG - SPRING IN AUTUMN, The Generation Revolution, Jack Jewers
2018, Music Video, Brooker's Friend, NAKED TO STRANGERS - BROOKER, KLVDR, Burning Reel Ltd.
2018, Short Film, Cardamon, BAKER STREET, Lucien Ross
2018, Short Film, Linda, TWO SINGLE PEOPLE, Ruggero Dalla Santa, One Foots
2018, Short Film, Lisa, BROTHER, Ruggero Dalla Santa, One Foots
2017, TV Commercial, Hispanic Model, CLOSEUP (South Africa & Argentina only), A + C Studios, DAN RICHARDS
2017, Promo, German Interviewee, Paramount Feature Film - Downsizing Promo, Yahoo Movies, Oath Productions
2017, Promo, Young Businesswoman, DAVID LLOYDS GYM, Somersault Productions
2017, Online Viral, Main Contestant, AUTOTRADER - DATING, Sagar Kumar, UNILAD
2017, Online Viral, App User, HUGGLE - DATING APP SHOOT, Theo Marlow - The Hook
2017, Online Viral, Date, RIVER ISLAND FIRST DATES, David Campbell
2017, Promo, Model, MDL Marinas Southampton Boat Show Promo, Family Creative
2017, Music Video, Lead Girl, CAMERAS - by Tinie Tempah ft David Stewart, Chas Appeti
2017, Short Film, Ida, PRAWN, Nicola Quilter - sponsored by BAFTA
2017, Short Film, Sophie, CLAPPER BOARD, Adam Ibbotson, Cambridge School of Art
2017, Commercial, Nina, Gemalto - Mobile Card Activation, The Crocodile
2017, Music Video, Girlfriend, GECE YOLCULARI, Onur Kok
2017, Commercial, Work Out Girl, Carphone Warehouse, S7 Coral Blue & FIT2 Promo, Will Riddell
2017, Fine Art Video, Olympic Running Athlete, WOMEN OF OLYMPIA, Ope Lori
2017, Music Video, Girlfriend, EGO SURF, Poté, Matt Walker, Kode Media
2016, Online, Employee, VIRGIN TRAINS, Connected Pictures
2016, Commercial, Hiker, BOOMPODS, ISite
2016, Commercial, Hero, Sky Own It, SKY, Tom Gorst / Full Fat Films
2016, Online, Student, Yorkshire Accent Challenge, BABBEL Youtube
2016, Short Film, Laurie, THE FINAL GIRL, Maddalena Mcnicholas
2016, Reality Show, Myself, STRIP DATE, Channel 5 STAR
2016, Television, Funda, RED DWARF, Baby Cow Productions
2016, Television, Annoyed Girl, DUCK QUACKS DON'T ECHO, Sky1
2016, Short Film, Clarissa, ATTRITION, Anthony Hughes
2016, Short Film, Zelda Princess Python, MENACE OF MYSTERIO, Joe Howson
2015, Short Film, Bride, KISSES, The Peck, Cieran Bennett
2015, Commercial, Mother, DRONES, Shorts On Tap, Filippo Polesel
2015, Commercial, Bar goer, SCOPE - END THE AWKWARD, 2LE Media, Tom Vinnicombe
2015, Movie, Lara, UNDER MY SKIN, Dark Circles Productions, Yuppie Darkcircles
2015, Music Video, Friend, GOOD VIBES, Tino Kunatsa, Tee Dot Kayy
2015, Documentary, Extra, THE SCIENCE OF RISK, Axa Productions, Michael Philips
2015, Film, Extra, THE LAST PHOTOGRAPH, Photograph, Niels Arden Oplev
2015, Music Video, Extra, DON JEFF JONES, STV UK, Samantha Brown
2015, Music Video, Assassin, SEXY TO YOUR FEET, Sebastian Blake, Benjamin Blake
2015, Short Film, Rose the Bodyguard, REVENGE, University of West London, Alessio Signoriello
2012, Stage, Stepmother, CINDERELLA, Koc Productions, Ayse Guler
2012, Stage, Monotonous Doctor, DOCTORS, Koc Productions, Ayse Guler
2011, Stage, Nurse, ROMEO AND JULIET, Koc Productions, Larry Higgins
2011, Medieval Siege Society - roles: water carrier, longbow archer, sword fighter, Lady


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Modeling website


Published Work

2019, Miss Bush Bridal photoshoot
2018, Fat-ish Magazine by Jana Kroslakova photoshoot
2018, Stylpro, Model + Hand Model, Aven Tom Christmas, ISITE
2018, Contiki Swiss & Austrian Commercial and Brochures
2018, Made by Issae, clothing company
2018, Jaguar commercial for showrooms
2017, Marina Company Southampton Boat Show Promo
2017, Miranda Le Love, Commercial and Website Photography for online clothing store
2017, Covert Clip, Website photography and online promo
2017, Shoreditch, Vaping Liquid Promo
2016, Boompods, Still photography and promo
2016, Wedding Editorial, Notton House Photography (To be published)
2016, London School of Makeup, Beauty and Asian Bride Photoshoots
2016, Academy of Freelance Makeup, Beauty and Editorial Shoots
2015, Women and Ageing - with Asiko 
2015, Mister'n'Miss - Online Store, Website Photo

2016, London Fashion Week, Catwalk for:
Christina Ghivnici Womenswear
IRIS Sandals & Accessories


Companies I have worked with and advertised for on Instagram and Youtube:
The National Citizen Service, the British Council, Brighton Soap, Pandalife, Wingman App, Interflora UK, Rayban


Guitar ability


Classical Piano training - professional
Guitar - intermediate
Flute - basic
Opera - advanced
Choir singing - advanced


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Presenting agent

Great British Presenters

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • Latin American
  • Middle Eastern


2019, CYBER SECURITY, Ultra Pro Video
2019, German & English Presenter, Medial App
2019, Financial Services Professional, PWC, Grain Media
2018, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Presenter - ongoing series called Don't Panic
2018, THE GOOD QUOTE CHANNEL, Presenter, House of Hippies
2017, CHANNEL ZEE, Blokmedia, Neil Kanwal (BBC)
2017, Londra Mahallesi on Eurostar TV - Reporter - (10 Episodes)
2017, Walker Stalker Con - Official promo and Walking Dead cast interview
2016, Grants Awards, Stevenage Community Trust
2016, Stevenage Community Trust Annual Dinner & Dance
2016, Training Tube, Presenter, Launch People
2016, Sophie's Sweet 14, Hollywood Interviewer
2016, MCM COMIC CON, Presenter
2016, TRT WORLD, Kadim Mutfak, Tv Presenter
2015, Cloud Moves Tv, Presenter
2015-2016, TV8 INT, Ajans Britanya, Tv Reporter/Journalist (1.5 years)
2014, MaryKayJenny.com infomercial


2018, Hewlett Packard Staff E-learning (Turkish), 2002 Studios
2018, 6th British Kebab Awards (English), Ali Haydar Yesilyurt
2017, EBAY - (Turkish) Ebay Security Information Awareness Infomercial, 2002 Studios
2016, Google - Tap To Translate Commercial, Voice Over (Turkish)
2016, Curious Kat's Adventures, Voice Over (English), 3 infomercials available on Youtube
2016, Mercedes - Benz, In-car Voice Recognition Software (Turkish), Akoophen
2016, Tv8 Int, Ajans Britanya Travel Show Voice Overs
2015, Voice Over Actress, Sarah, NEVER ENDING, Acton Avengers, James Quinn (ComicCon Film Race Award Winner)

2017, Wandsworth Radio News Reader

2019, Women In Revolt, Female filmmakers film festival, Shorts On Tap
2018, Shorts On Tap - To Hell and Back Halloween Special movie night
2018, Tales of the Silk Road - Chapter 1 Turkey, Bagri Foundation and Shorts on Tap

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